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help please - wind noise!


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22 Aug 2006
my 993 turbo develops a 'wind noise' when it goes through ~45mph. I thought it was coming from the passenger side vent, but my brother as passenger says no - thought it was coming from higher up, but difficult to pinpoint. From what i can see, all the rubbers and seals are in good order.

Has anyone got any ideas on how to track it down, or past experience of 'cures'.

many thanks in anticipation...


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Arf! Arf!

/images/migration/UploadedForumImages/p-seal-at-toronto-zoo.jpg :)

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okay Stevo, must admit this made me laugh... :)

...but, please, any chance anyone has had any experience tracking down and curing wind noise on a 993?

can't believe all your cars are vice free !


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i thought this was going to be another of Nicolas or Dans "problem" posts......

BTW - did you mean 145 mph? 8)

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i think the wind noise would be coming from me long before i hit 145mph!

i'm losing hope of any pointers on this problem, :(


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Might just be a normal 993 noise, it's not the most aerodynamically efficient car! Have you got a RSR exhaust or similar? May be the best cure for any annoying noises including nagging noises from the passenger seat! Sorry, not much help I'm afraid, I have wind noises from all sort of speed in mine.

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thanks Mick. A friend who runs a targa told me this was a 'feature' of 993s and not to worry. Indeed this car seems to whirr and chatter from every corner, almost as if the engine is distributed throughout the car.

Re the RSR exhaust: will it fit a turbo / still let the car through its MOT / are they still available? / price / frighten small children etc?

so far, I prefer the sound an M3 makes :eek:


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