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help noisey 3.2


New member
15 Nov 2003
Hi all I have an 1984 3.2 carrera sport with 11900 miles no oil leaks good oil pressure and does not drink much oil. Over the last month I have noticed a tapping noise under load at about 3000rpm, sounds like it comes from the righthand side of the engine and is getting worse. Any ideas

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Use a wooden stick as a stethoscope to see if you can narrow it down to cam cover or timing chain cover. Does it increase in frequency with engine speed? Could be loose tappet, little end bearing, big end bearing, valve guide wear, pinking on 95 octaine petrol if you use that.

Sounds like a trip to a specialist to listen to it would be the next step.

Good luck!

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Yea it does increase with engine speed sounds a bit like valve bounce. hopeing to get to a specialist this week. Thanks

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Wow, nearly 20 years old and only 12k - must be in mint condition? Any pics.

Maybe that's that problem - you're not thrashing it enough :wink:

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Sorry to get you excited about the mileage I left a 0 off the 11900.
cheers oily

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Does it get louder when the engine is hot? 911 engines have greater valve clearances when warm, and mine certainly was much noisier when hot until I did all the valve clearances (still gets slightly noisier). If you're mechanically inclined at all, first thing you should do is buy the 101 projects book and set all your clearances.

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Thanks for the advice. I've got the book and was going to have a go with the valve clearances as you suggested, however I rang Type 911 at Bromley and they put me in contact with a local Porsche man. After going over the car he has given me the bad news big ends and a dose of open wallet surgery.

Cheers oily

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Sorry to hear that. However, it's not a problem which I've heard is particularly common, so I'd always be inclined to get a second opinion before parting with your cash. I'm performing open Porsche surgery at the mo, and have to say so far it's been a pleasure (may change my mind when it's all going back together!) If you fancy getting your hands oily(!), and are not in a rush, have used of a garage and have a bit of mechanical nouse/common sense, you could do a lot worse than buying a Bentley manual and having a go yourself.

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I know ***** all about engines but "big end" is not an expression I've come across too often in 911 conversations. It sounds like bottom end - is it the same thing? Either way, I would definitely get a second opinion - bottom ends are considered to be almost indestructible.

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"Big End" is applicable to all engines and is purely an expression of the crankshaft end of the con-rod. The piston end is (strangely enough) the "small end"!! The only problem I've heard of is the conrod (cap) bolts stretching if the engine is over-revved, causing the big end bearing to spin in the rod. This seems to be more common in the US though, maybe they are more likely to (dare I say it!) miss gears!!

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I would definitely get another two opinions on that engine before you let anyone near it. The mechanic might be right but it is extremely uncommon for Porsche 911 bottom ends of that period to let go. The engine is barely run in....lol.....Put a post here asking for opinions on the most reputable and honest Independents in the area. Don't go near a Porsche dealership or you will be skint and don't mention to anyother mechanic what you have been told. I drive 70 miles to my favourite garages.
A 911 engine is at it's noisiest from cold and when warmed up is generally sweet running unless your valve clearences are out. Most likely causes are as described above plus cam chains and tensioners can be troublesome. What does it run like generally apart from the noise?

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Thanks for the advice, the car has been to 2 mechanics so far 1 with 30 years experience working on our favourite cars, he confirmed bottom ends never let go on 911's mine being the second in his 30 years. The car runs ok however the noise is getting worse and Iam reluctant to rev it above 3000rpm. It now sounds more like the bottom end knocking. I have owned the car for 2.5 years, brought it from a well known specialist with history including all mot's backing up the recorded mileage, in this time the car has cost me a set of boots and 2 services and never missed a beat apart from a disributor cap letting go. I will seek more opinions as you suggested and keep you posted


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One of the sure fire ways to diagnose this is to drain the engine oil. If you have a bottom end problem there would be lots of brass and white metal particles in the magnetic drain plug. If this is so when you hold the oil up to the light in a shallow dish as if you were panning for gold you will see tiny flecks of metal glistening in the light . If that's the case your entire engine is toast because wear will have set in quickly everywhere. I would stop driving till you have this properly diagnosed , don't want to worry you but if you relly feel it's the bottom end don't drive it.
If the engine is too badly damaged apart from the bottom end bearings etc. you will need to diagnose how you got this problem is it temporary oil starvation, low oil pressure, crap oil , a bad filter, blocked oil ways etc. Your oil pump will need to be replaced and I would replace the oil coolers too, certainly the engine mounted one you might be better off looking for a used 3.2 engine or take it to someone really good like JZ Machtech or Autofarm.

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