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Help me choose a colour


13 Mar 2008
Yes yes, sacrilege etc blah...

...but I'm doing this - I have spare bits enough so that I can leave the old spoiler as factory, and paint-up a 'new' split-grill spoiler as below.

Darker grills inside a Polar silver surround and centre-section.

But exactly WHAT dark grey will work well with blue-tinged Polar silver?

Steel grey? Anthracite?

C'mon Stutts - put that bottle down and give us some wisdom.

Chris993C4 said:
Split grill, but keep the contrast:

I love colour coded split grilles .. Is this not a runner OC?

Failing that , I'd go a shade of gun metal grey..

Btw, took delivery of BH electox today , thanks again for the advice!
I'd do it black, or a dark grey or anthracite. Possibly colour code wheels in the same dark grey too...??

Polar is a tough one, as I see it as a really light blue, as apposed to a silver. Hence any shade of silver doesn't really work to my eyes.... go for a full-on contrast and it will look great
Blood orange
Ha ha.
I could easily reply that you should paint it the same colour as your toenails.

Split grilles are awesome.
Black is a trifle plain.
Graphite satin would be a nice look.
However I would look at having it wrapped to look carbon fibre.
Probably impossibe with that crinkly finish.

Why not clean it Jackal style, to within an inch of its lifefirst.
Then apply a black trim polish to it, so it gets a nice shine.
Not to bling, a glaring shine, just a really clean satin shine.

Black trim polish, in a bottle, not aerosol.
It goes on like wax. Bloody stains your fingers, so pick up the marigolds you left on the draining board where you left them last night, when you finished the washing up.


Black trim wax.
And do all theother black stuff on the car at the same time.
It doesn't stain paintwork, unless the paintworks covered in crud.



This stuff, you Nork.

[gentle shove towards Halfrauds]

Over there.......


[Blackadder]Ah, SGMessenger, thank God you came. Lord Kimbo and I could not have waited another second without you.[/Blackadder]

My split-grill is already painted (red) so the satin-black option isn't.

I think Basalt is 'too black'.

I suppose I can get the inserts repainted as many times as I like until I find a shade that works.

[Blackadder]After all, it's only money isn't it?[/Blackadder]

I'm not going to be gluing them in place either. So don't follow too close behind me.
every suggestion I make eh?

yeah, mono chrome the union flag on it.
you won't look like a chav.

there's burberry baseball caps on e bay you know..
yeah, do it.

you'll look like ginger spice in that union jack dress she was sewed into for the baftas.

only one tit showing.


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