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Help, Heat stain on 996 rear bumper?

luke coverdale

New member
18 Jul 2006
Hi all, I’ve recently purchased at 2001 silver C2 (with GT3 bodykit) and have come across a bit of a problem which I’m not sure whats causing it.

Following a recent longish trip (250miles to the lake district) I noticed a yellowish discolouration on the bumper about four inches above the exhaust (passenger side), its sort of circular in shape, and another patch just to the left of the number plate.
At first I thought it might have been from the exhaust fumes etc, but on a closer inspection this doesn’t seem to be the case.
The bumper feels really hot on this point so I assuming there is either an exhaust or engine issue which has caused the bumper to overheat and discolour.

Has anyone ever heard of this of have thoughts on what might be causing it.
Ive tried using a T cut to see if that removes it but to no avail, I’m a bit worried that it might need a respray but don’t want to consider that until ive rooted out the problem?

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this is a new one for me. Mine has gone slightly opaque through time (I think through the heat), but a cleanse and wax gets it looking good again. The "burn", if that's what it is shouldn't be happening.

Have you checked for any holes in the exhaust (maybe gases not fully having time to cool).

I definately wouldn't respray until you know what caused the problem though. Taking it to a indie would be next on my list to do.

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