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help decoding my engine SN

James AUS

14 Jul 2003
I recently got my first 911, but the engine is obviously not the original, and I am trying to work out what it is. From what I've been told its a 3lt Carerra, but I would rather know for sure.

I couldn't find the 'engine type number', it wasn't where my books said it would be ('on the horizontal surface behind the serial number'), all I could find was the serial number. I was hoping someone might know how i can decode that, or even tell me where else i might find the 'type number' ?

thanks alot =)

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thanks a lot, Thats exactly what I was looking for! But unfortunately my numbers weren't in there =(.

I know the chassis is originally from the US, and Ive been told the engine is from Hong Hong, don't suppose that means anything to anyone?

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James. If you post your numbers here I will try and look them up in some books I have at home.

Cheers, James

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James. Your engine number has one digit too many! However I can tell you that engine numbers 6670001 - 6671932 refer to Carrera 3.0 engines. Is there a typo in your number? If not, perhaps the final digit (0) is superfluous. I would say you have, as you suggested, a Carrera 3.0 engine.

They are great engines, by the way. If you ever have to do any work on it you can, for relatively little money, raise the compression and get the best part of 250bhp out of it.

Edited to say that it is a 1977 "J-programme" engine - the last year of the Carrera 3.0

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gee, that was fast! Thank you very much, I will have a look when I get home from work to see if I copied the number down wrong, I know I got at least the first 3 digits right so I can be sure that is my engine.

Are there many other things you know of I can do to up my output for relatively little cash ? or suggest any books that might lead me in the right direction ? Im still paying off the car, and will be for a while so I don't have much spare cash just lying around.

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Apart from cracking the engine open and doing things like increasing the compression, re-grinding the cams etc all you can really do is put a pre-1974 type exhaust on it. The best of these is generally considered to be a stainless steel version made by a company called SSL which is a real work of art (and cost a few quid as well!) There are lots of guys out there fabricating freer flowing, equal length exhausts though (ie pre '74 design).

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'There are lots of guys out there fabricating freer flowing, equal length exhausts though (ie pre '74 design'.
Can you recommend anyone James as I don't fancy paying £800.00 for SSI heat exchangers although I want the slight power increase .

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