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Help! Car advice please...


3 Mar 2005
I am really wanting a change of car... not the PolarExpress, but a second car to replace the Honda! Use would be quite frequent, mixture of both town and also eating the m'way miles + something to jump in quick to the shops...

I'm torn between these 4 cars which I all totally adore for slightly different reasons. What do you guys think?

Ford Focus RS - cost Ford £26k to build each one, and is properly sorted out of the box... always a good sign of a well engineered car, just love the over-engineering of this one...

Megane R26 - the new one... always liked the big arse of the Megane, and this new one ticks a lot of boxes as 'best of breed'.

BMW E30 M3 - found a mint one, but worried that it is a bit too fragile... (rust being a problem on these)

968CS - always loved the big lunged 4-pot, and the handling is so perfect and easy, plus it's in the colour I promised the next Porker would be... GR.

I've found one of each one that I could easily pull the trigger on. All perfect mint examples. (ok, Megane R26 would be new)

Help please!

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Don't go French IMO. Build quality.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by oceancarrera on 01 April 2007

Ford Focus RS - cost just love the over-engineering of this one...968CS - always loved the big lunged 4-pot
Well its between these two, personally I'd keep it in the family.

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Ford Focus, got plenty to offer both in the town and on the motorway.

Should be cheaper to run i would of thought as well.

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I would say the Ford would make a more sensible second car - reliability and running costs should both be better than the 968. No to the Megane for me, Kate had one and it fell apart.

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I'm personally not a fan of French cars however our good friend Dan might be able to do you a very good deal on a new one washing out some of the depreciation on day 1. Just a thought.

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Morning All..

Not to defend the Renault corner.. But the build quality has improved on vehicles made from 2003.. This is when Renault bought Nissan out.

And I had an R26 the other week, and found it very good indeed.. Quick, nice to drive and the LSD was very good.

And getting you £5000 off would help, along with the rave reviews its got from many a motor magazine.

But its your choice Ade..

The Focus – Very good car, touch on the old side but they do hold there money very well.

M3 – Think your right its getting an old car now, and more of a weekend car.

968CS – Yum..

R26 – Different car because its new. Will lose money within the 12 months, but the deal I can get you should protect your pocket..


My money would be the 968, as long as you can live with a coupe and not a hatch !

I would also be looking at a 2-3 year old Civic type R, Seat Leon Cupra R and a Golf R32 !!

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Cheers for your thoughts chaps.

I'm leaning towards the FocusRS as it probably will be the cheapest and most practical to run. I'm thinking that if I didn't have the GT3, the 968CS would definitely get my vote as a trackday/weekend special. They are simple cars and also very easy to drive upto and beyond the limit. But perhaps I should really get something with the occasional rear seats...

The R26 appeals because it is a new car, slightly quirky (good), and well sorted. Even compared to the 996, modern cars are so so much better screwed together.

Ok, 3 year old Focus RS (no warranty) or new R26?

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My bro had a Focus RS... great suspension, powerful engine. Not the most exciting inside (basic Ford Focus with some blue bits and a starter button). Quite heavy on fuel though.

Mini Cooper S?

Mk 5 Golf GTI?

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Both Very good cars...

Focus - A nice rare car, don't think it will ever be a unique as the Escort Cosworth, I would be worried about finding a nice one.

R26 - A well built car, Renault have invested a lot of time and efforts into the car.

I would think they will both lose the same money over 3 years (after discount).

(I don't wanna say anything else, or it will seem I am trying to sell you a car, which I am not.(it down to you) You are welcome to use my Renault UK discount)

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I would go the quirky way :D
and start shaking that ass

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Dave on 02 April 2007

I would go the quirky way :D
and start shaking that ass
Dave, were talking about Cars.. Not dodgy films... :twisted:

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Whoops sorry Wrong forum :oops:

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Ade, you should have said... you could have had a go of the dirty girl...

I know she's a diesel, but you would have got the idea.

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Up in Manchester despite the a momentarty lapse when you got the "urghhh its a Ford" response you got from a certain admin you looked pretty sold on the RS. It appeared to produce that spark in you that a well mantheyised GT3 appears to.

Of the others, teh M3 is IMHO getting a bit dated and as someone above has said is already starting to become a only drive it on dry days at the weekend car, the Renault is fun and a bit funky but none of us are getting any younger are we. The 968CS is a fantastic car and it would be nice to have one in the garage but I do not see it as a daily, nip down the shops type drive and whilst good probably not the best motorway cruiser.

You know you are looking for the collective to say it is ok for you to go for a Ford. Sundeep will come round eventually. What colour is it btw?

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