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Help Buying a Porsche?


16 Jul 2003
Ladies and Gents.

My good deed for the day is sharing this with you.

For the past few months I have been looking for a 996 turbo. I hadn't a clue where to look or where to get the best deal. I was then recomended to a car consultancy called nexas who advised where to go, what to buy and who to buy it from. The service was FREE!! They did all the leg work, made all the calls and saved me £800 in the process.

Well worth a try and well recomended -

I'll dig out some contact details for anyone interested.

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Kewell. You have PM.

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Hmmmm, looks too good to be true, they provide this service for free, what's the catch ?

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Smells like a poorly disguised ad to me :wink:

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Kewell asures me not. Just a good recommendation.

Kewell - how come they can do this for free? Surely they are sticking a markup on the car? Is it only new cars? I don't get it.

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No catch lads and apologies if it come across as a dead ringer of an ad. My first helpful post and i get abused for supposedly advertsing!! Charming. I was suspicious at first and thought they would just point me in the direction of a dealer they had a relationship with. But no. In the end they provided me with 3 options they had found from 3 different dealerships that all had the spec I was looking for. Once I picked the one I wanted they then negotiated with the dealer and I saved £800 off the original asking price. I assume they make some money through the sale and perhaps advertising on their website but as long as it's not coming out of my pocket I'm not bothered. They helped me and roll on many other services like that.

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Mine wasn't new so i assume it's both new and used they help with?

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Kewell. I guess suspicions were raised by the very fact that it is your first post - the unscrupulous sometimes turn up, advertise and disappear off again. I hope you have a long and fruitful future on the site.

Cheers, James

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I presume it's simply commission based, they just charge a fee to the dealer, which they would then add on to the price of the car, the punter wouldn't know any different, since they think they're getting a good deal anyway.

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I think your right, unless it's a charity !! I think not.

I'm sure there is commision involved and hope so as they deserve it with all the time they spent on my behalf. The price of the vehicle dropped meaning I paid less which is the main thing. That was a first, as I've purchased 2 Porsches before and trying to get any discount from a dealer was a non starter. It was a case of the dealer margins being squeeeeeezzzzzzzzed to win the sale or lose it to another dealer which they would of referred me too had it not been the very best deal on offer. It's a competitve world and I was helped to take advantage. I've now got my 996 although slightly worried about going over 3000 revs with all this new undercover speed camera business.

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