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Help 996 seat and bad back

les windows

New member
29 Nov 2005
Have recently bought a 2003 c2 and suffering from severe back ache, only option I can find is to nuy a recaro sport seat for £1200.

Does anyone know of an alternative option ?

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Have you had back trouble before? If not, it's more likely to be the way you've adjusted the seat and controls rather than the seat itself. (I know, I have had a dodgy back, and one's driving posture is absolutely key. In particular, don't sit too upright, and make sure you don't have to stretch to reach the wheel.

Check this out:

Plenty of good advice there.

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I am 6'2 and find that I the seating position the most comfortable of any car I have ever driven, I do however have to adjust the seat for sprited driving, so that I am closer to all the controls.

The only fault of the ergonomics of my 996 cockpit is the position of the rear wiper button, why is not on the stalk.



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I hurt my back pretty badly playing Rugby 2 years ago and since then have been seeing the sports physio every week. I actually got the physio to look at my seating position in the car and set the "correct" seating position (First time I found a use for the memory seats!).

Since then I have not had a problem. It was the best £20 I have every spent. Couldn't reccomend it more.

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My Mrs is bit of a back specialist - went to some college and now she gets some letters in front or behind her name : ) She reckons the 996 seats are probably amongst the best in the world - even better than the 997! The first thing she didn't like about my 997 was the seats! I have a bad back (an old war wound) and have to say once I adjusted the seats to suit my back I had no problems!

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Chris Fellows on 11 December 2005


and set the "correct" seating position (First time I found a use for the memory seats!).
so what position is the seat in now compared to how you had it? what should us back sufferers be aiming for, or is it something different for each of us?DW

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Have tried different combinations of seat position, high and laid back low, not so laid back etc. I cannot seem to find one that suits, I too had my physio to look at the seat and he suggested trying various cushions which have not worked.

The problem for me seems ot be the shape of the seat at the base where it contours to provide lumbar support, my back does'nt like this. Have sat on the Recaro seat at £1200 and it is very comfortable with lots of adjustment, obviously if I can get a seat position that works it would save me a good deal of money.

Any magic advice would be welcome

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The "correct" seat postion will vary for each person, but generally speaking you should not be bent too much at the hips.

Bear in mind I am no professional, just a crippled rugby player!

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I had a serious operation on the lumbar region of my spine about 10 years ago. The surgeon told me that driving a car was one of the worst things for someone with a bad back, because of the sharp bend at the waist and the strain this puts on the lower back. Ideally the seat should be reclined at something like 45% but this does make driving somewhat difficult. Since then I have been uncomfortable driving or as a passenger in many a car, however I find the seat in the 993 doesn't cause any pain, even after long distances. It is so important to be comfortable in the car and if it meant buying another seat then I would do it.

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I had back pains in my Boxster with the standard seats. I then went for a 911 because i thought I needed the extra legroom as I'm 6'1. I went for one with Sports seats out of luck really. However since then I have tried a 997 with standard seats and find the Sports seats are a lot better. The Sports seats have less padding and therefore you sit 'in' them more. This means that when you are going round corners you do not move. With the standard seats the back pain returned. I think this was because I was using muscles to hold myself upright.

I have also played with the Adaptive Sports seats in the Porsche showroom. They have the bigger side bolsters of the Sports seats but with the extra padding of the standard seats. They also have adjustable lumbar support - electric + nice. And you can adjust the side bolsters at the waist and thigh with electric buttons also.

I still prefer the Sports seats but the Adaptive seats are well worth a try.

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