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HELP 993 will not start


Well-known member
21 Sep 2010
Hi please help I am sure this is a known problem?

I turned the ignition key and the car faltered on starting, followed by the alarm sounding. Sat for a while untill it reset then pressed the fob to allow starting, all the usuala lights came on and when I turn the ignition I can here a 'clunk' from the engine followed by the alarm sounding.
The clunk is reminiscent of days when starter motor failed is lesser cars which I have owned.
I know this is sad posting on christmas eve but the car is 200 yards from home outside the shops and I do not want to leave it there any longer than necessary.
All advice welcome..........
Does sound like a battery problem (although that could also be battery connection problem, ie resistive earth strap too).

Do you know the voltage/health of the battery?

Even its age?
Woul onre of the mod team please delet two copies of this thread I was having a problem with broadband whil trying to post my cry for help.

the car has been running fine for the last three days even today been out shoppinig just picking up the last and then this blip.
My thought was a fuse maybe I shorted somethin but all the instruments and lights work ok.
stutaler said:
Woul onre of the mod team please delet two copies of this thread I was having a problem with broadband whil trying to post my cry for help.


Does sound like an earth problem.
I was going to say, has the car been left for a while, but as you say, you've been using it.
I did have a problem of not being able to stop or reset the alarm, after connecting the batter. An alarm tech, told me while the alarm is sounding, put the key in the drivers lock and lock and unlock 2 times, and this stops the alarm, I tried it and it worked. Good Luck.
Get a set of jump leads on it, at least it'll either start (and indicate the battery is the problem) or not (and therefore rule the battery out)
OK Rob,

After the panick yes the jump leads are probably the best first move, the battery is almost 3 years old but having said that it has spent most of its life on trickle charge so perhaps not in the best of health.
I have never had problems before like this, the alarm is not the problem (in my mind) it is the not starting which now sitting here seems to make me think the battery may not have enough juice. I did about 50 miles Saturday nothing Sunday but Friday was a lot of stop start and the same today stop start driving.
So fingers crossed I will call up Thunderdird 2 (My duaghters Astra) and some jump leads. :thumb:

Let you all know tomorrow.............no Boxing day.
If you are attaching an Astra up to it best do it under the cover of darkness.

Best of luck
I hate electrics with a vengence, but it's likely to have someting to do with the battery, you may have lost a cell or two due to sulphation, lowering the voltage and buggering up the cars systems. The clock and alarm take quite a bit out of the battery, so if its not 100% you may have issues such as you report. Good luck with it, bit of a bummer on xmas eve.
I'd say battery too low for whatever reason. Hook up some power and it'll be fine, then when home deal with the battery.
Sounds like the starter EXCEPT the alarm wouldn't be going off with a failed starter , more likely a batt problem I think too ..
Has it ever been totally drained and had a jump start before?
If the battery is only three years old, you should have a warranty?

Take it back and get a new one.

This is why I bought a Halfords Calcium - no quibble warranty - just put the battery on the counter and they give you a new one.

(Also you should fit a new earth strap for Christmas.)

If it's not the battery, I'll eat all of the brake disc balancing clips in the world, with some figgy pudding.
Orangecurry you realy crack me up....LOL :grin:
OK so far I have tried jump leads under cover of darkness...............Zingari
still not started..........
So I will try the man from the AA if one is in the area on Christmas day. :dont know:
I agree with most comments the battery seems to be the best bet. The Astra just did not have enough juice to transfer you could see it fading as the power was being transfered.
I have never had to put jump leads on before so this is all new territory for me.
Imagine the shame as my other daughter came to jump start the Astra from her Minii :whiteflag:
Time for some christmas cheer A nice glass of mulled wine me thinks. :drink:

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