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1 Mar 2012
Ok some of you may have seen on other threads I am having issues with my spoiler. I removed the mechanism and then when I put it back together it stopped working. I have tested the micro switches and the motor and all work fine. So I thought that the only possibility was the spoiler control module.. So I asked Derek (TOK 964) to pop over so i could try his.. I think it will b e the last time he lets me touch his car...
His spoiler was working fine.. put it in my car and I thought I detected a whiff of burnt but thought I imagined it. Tried and my spoiler still was not working. So no prob, put it back in Derek's car... and now his one is not working either.!!!!!!!!.
Plus opened up the control module and there is a definite burning smell pus a fairly obvious sign of a burnt part. See pics below, don't know what the part is called but it is the roundish black cylinder thing between the orange cylinder and the yellow orb.. you can clearly see black around it and bubbling on top and on the side.. my car must have done that but no idea how.. the weird thing is that my own Spoiler Control Module has no obvious sign that the same has happened, no burnt signs anywhere and no smell either.. how could that be???

So now need to order a new module for Derek and no idea how to solve my problem, anyone who knows about electrics, please help.

Control Module:

Burnt bit:

more without arrow:

Different view:

Now check mine... which is completely clean! How could this have happened when I plugged in Derek's module but mine is completely clean?

So, in the meantime I also got a second hand 993 module from the net, they are supposed to be interchangeable with 964 ones. I tried this one this morning before I plugged in Derek's, it did not work but there was no smell of smoke and it looks clean with no signs of burnt bits.. it is different inside to the 964 one though.

But to recap, I now have 3 modules, one belonging to Derek. His one has clear evidence of something burnt and now no longer works. The other two look and smell completely clean. My mechanism still does not work, despite tests from the connector (under dash, from the control unit) showing the motor and microswitches both fine.

burnt item

Hi, The burnt item appears to be a transistor and subject to identifying its number from another unit should be able to be replaced, Its an electronic switch of sorts, as long as that is the only damage.
I presume none of the units work in your friends donor car.

Have you a wiring diagram for the system to check all of the wires?
Disconnect the spoiler motor.
Make sure the spoiler actuates by winding the operating cable by hand.

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