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23 Jun 2003
Hi there,

I found this board just this week, whilst scouting for 911 sites. I used to contribute to boxa.net when I had my Boxster S, but I sold that a few days ago as I am about to take delivery of a 996 C4S...

I have just been given a 'build complete' date of 27/6 (this Friday!), and told that it takes 2-3 weeks to reach me from that point. This seems slow, but in everyone else's experience is this about right?

Anyway, the spec is as follows.... Basalt black with full black leather interior, soft ruffled leather seats with Porsche crests in the headrests, Bose Hi-Fi, 6-CD changer, sunroof and a few other bits and pieces. Before anyone asks I didn't order the sports seats or sat-nav as I am 6'7" and reasonably wide, so my shoulders don't fit into sports seats and the lower centre console has to come out (replaced by the 'GT3 console delete kit') so that I can drive it! I also liked the electric seats that were standard kit. The only thing I wish I had got is the sports exhaust, but hey I can fit one of those later.

I've been waiting since November 2001 for the car (when I first placed my order), so I am really starting to get excited about this now... only 2-3 weeks to go... can't wait!

BTW... did anyone get any freebies with their car when they purchased it? I am thinking about mats, baseball caps, keyrings, mugs, champagne, flowers... a lot of Boxster owners seem to get these and I am wondering what I should tap my OPC up for???


Gary D.

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Old forum user Unidentified(4266) wrote:

Welcome Gary. I am also getting a C4S in a few weeks, (build complete July 3rd) but have heard about various delays in Porsche deliveries lately which I am hoping will not happen to mine!! There are a bunch of C4S owners on this forum (93 and 996). Nice spec BTW, you will probably get some friendly jibes about the lack of sports exhaust!! :wink:

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Phil, youre gonna have to make a C4S.com at this rate.

re sports exhaust, it is considered by some as ''Essex boy''. Depends on your leaning towards all those little kiddies with big exhausts on their corsas and fiestas etc.

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Yes... I did think about it quite a lot - and as I mentioned above still wonder if I made a mistake not getting it - but spending over a grand to make the car sound like a rude boy Subaru wasn't up there on my list of what to spend my money on at the time. Still isn't I guess, but I'll have to wait to see what it sounds like in the flesh!

Thanks for the compliments on spec robut... what's yours (if you don't mind me asking!)

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sports exhaust........to hear it is to love it

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Well, blow me down, a guy can start to feel very ordinary for having a C4S on the way around here! Lest we forget how exclusive a motoring experience we're just about to venture into.

Anyway, welcome Gary. Unlike you, I'm a bit of a forum virgin, but these guys all seem like a very friendy bunch. I hope we don't live too close together though!

I've been told by my OPD that I'm getting an August build which will be their first 2004 model and ready early September. My spec is basalt black with black leather, PCM & phone, Bose, CD changer, sunroof and a couple of aluminium bits. I really tortured myself over the sports exhaust, but to be honest it sounds quite nice standard and with the new Carrera 2/4 coming out next year, I'm not sure it will add much to resale value.

I hope your next 2-3 weeks goes quickly Gary, although I doubt it will!

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An August build? I was under the impression that the factory shuts for holidays and re-calibration/re-tooling in August, and hence there are no August builds. I might be mistaken, but it does seem to be a view quite widely shared.

Are you sure the OPC is not stringing you along? (mine did for quite a while...)


Gary D.

(BTW, we'll have to start a 'Black C4S site'... much less common than the many Arctic Silver ones I've seen - no offence robut!)

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I couldn't agree more - when I put my deposit down last year I was told that due to the August shutdown it would either be a July delivery or a 2004 spec late September at best, so I've made plans to get rid of my existing car in October just to be on the safe side.

Anyway, small talk during my test drive came around to delivery times, and was told that a manual C4S was going to be unexpectedly arriving at Park Lane during the end of August & I could have it if I wanted. They had already spec'ed it as a demonstrator in Atlas Grey (new colour, but no-one had any idea what it looked like) but I could still change the cosmetic details.

Call me a realist, but I won't be speeding up the disposal of my current car!

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did you say that u ordered in nov 01? seems like quite a long time. we ordered ours last sept and looking at a sept-dec delivery.

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Long lead time... you could say that! It's been a nightmare.

Basically, I ordered my car from Parker & Parker in Kendal (now Porsche Centre Kendal) on the basis of an 18 month delivery (i.e. May this year), earlier if possible. Phoning around a few dealerships in the North this didn't seem too bad - the earliest I was quoted elsewhere was 15 months and I did have some history with Parker & Parker.

That was just before the C4S was officially launched, when people were still buying lots more new Porsches, and when the car was 'hot' (as it was pre-launch)...

However, since then it would seem that lead times have reduced significantly. A friend of mine ordered a Carrera (2) in April last year and took delivery in March this year. He was offered a C4S a few months before delivery on the basis of a cancelled order (but refused it). On other Internet boards I also found many people who ordered in the UK in 2002 had already received their cars, whilst I was still waiting. But despite this I have never been offered a cancelled order or an earlier delivery slot.. in fact my delivery slipped to July, and at one time it looked like it could be the end of the year (before I complained to Porsche GB).

My problem could be a symptom of the fact that different dealerships seem to have different levels of availability for a particular car. I know that other dealerships are offering 12 month or so lead times now on the C4S, but I also know that dealerships can get you a car much quicker than this if you are either a very valued customer (i.e. spend a lot with them), are famous, or are rich.

My relationship with Parker & Parker is now very rocky as a result of both this wait and the hassle I've had during that time (with dates that move forwards and back and a general lack of information). I am waiting to see what happens when (if) the car turns up in the next three weeks, but suffice to say that unless they go out of their way I will not be placing any new business their way.

Kind regards,

Gary D.

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Welcome Gary , lucky boy , be patient . On the subject of sports exhausts , if you want to retro fit one do it and take no notice of the 'standard is best police' , basically misguided snobs who think they know better than you . If you look at the history of Porsche cars you learn that they have always offered umpteen options particularly 'Rennsport' items such as exhausts , sports shocks etc .
To many people one of the great things about owning 911's (especially older ones) is the amount of modifications you can try to adapt the car to you personal taste/driving style .
I'm sur you'll enjoy the C4S with or without the sports exhaust .

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Hi Gary

Yes i got a free umbrella with my car. Perhaps they were taking the mick as its a cabriolet and we do tend to get a lot of rain in this wonderful country. I also got a beautiful boquet of flowers and a couple of nice keyrings. I think i may have paid too much!!!!!

P.s Please don't be offended at the black thing. I love it really just i'm going for something more girly in the future. See the C4S Cab spec forum.

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Thanks bones... it's certainly an option. I had started to look around when thinking about the Porsche exhaust and found a few alternatives, but I think I will stick with the standard unit for a few months until the grin starts to wear off, and then I'll probably look around again. I've seen Rennsport, Fabspeed and a few others mentioned on the US boards.

Thanks too Olivia... I'm sure you didn't pay any more than the rest of us car crazy fools, but it sounds like you were treated well - I think I will be lucky if I get a porsche mug and a couple of keyrings! No offence taken at the black thing too, it is personal choice at the end of the day and I just love black 911's. But a cobalt blue C4S cab sounds like fun! Maybe next time...

Gary D.

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