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Hello from me and my new 993 Targa

Paul_911 said:
orangecurry said:
...now THAT is a comprehensive introduction - you will fit into 993 ownership very well :grin:

Welcome to 911uk :bye:

I'd say that was a Chestnut interior, as it looks the same as mine in the photos, but that red never seems to photo 'true' to life.

What's the interior option code?

orangecurry, I had thought that as well on first look but after a second look I'm leaning more towards it being Boxster Red inside (original press photo Targa is Chestnut I believe).

LondonRob, looks like you've got yourself a fine example there and great introduction write up! :thumb:

Welcome LondonRob really nice car. Definitely Boxster Red, same as mine LondonRob says that in his introduction in my opinion chestnut is darker. Have seen a few interiors in boxster red, but not that many.

Beautiful looking car.

And in the best colour too! :thumbs:
Welcome to 993 ownership and to our crazy club :thumb:
Lovely looking car but I had to say that having an Arctic Silver targa with a boxster red interior!

Shame you don't have the red window switches as I could do with some of them.

Spent most of my youth in the Ealing area (initially Greenford, then Ealing and school at Ravenscourt Park).
Great to see another Targa!

Yes, lovely interior too

My first 996 was Artic silver with Boxster Red interior, looks stunning. Congratulations on a lovely car :thumb:
Welcome, stunning looking car especially the interior.

Lovely colour combination - period !

i've always has a soft spot for Targa's being the sunseeker that I am : )
Alexander David

Lovely looking car. That's what I was after but after driving a couple with noisey roofs I was too scared. Ended up with a cope but happy.

I bought my first e30m3 from Alexander david. They were excellent and that was the best car I have EVER owned. I could drive around almost anything on a wet track.

Looking forward to checking out a forum meet to let some of you share our experience guys.
Welcome to 911uk and thanks for the comprehensive introduction.

I just love that interior - absolute perfection and the only one that can carry off a silver exterior - which looks great with it :thumbs: ...

...at this point I must prepare to be stoned by other forum members :oops:

Hope to meet you and the car at the Fairmile sometime over the Summer :)


PS I think Chris W once tried to decode interior colour option codes and very wisely gave up!!
Welcome, lovely looking car and that interior is one of my fav colours.
I will keep an eye out for you as I also live in Ealing...
Thanks for the warm welcomes everybody.

Looking forward to the next Fairmile event to meet some of the more local forum members.

Pimeye - good luck on those matching window switches. They must have been specially made? I saw on your website you're a Brentford fan, not a good weekend for you lot but still have the play-off. I used to watch Rosler play at Man City in my uni days up there. He was a feisty character and a real cult hero. If he can translate any of his spirit to your lot he should do alright.

Pottsy - glad to hear you had a good experience with Alexander David. I didn't find much reference to them when searching the forums so was a bit dubious but I can't complain with their service so far - reassuring to hear of another happy customer. They have a decent stock-list, I figure you don't get to trade that number of quality cars without looking after your customers.

Fulla - I occasionally see a blue 993 parked up with an mx5 outside a house on the next road from me - only 100 yards away I suppose in a straight line if it's yours. Will keep an eye out for you now.

I booked the 993 in this morning for the Porsche service clinic at OPC West London on 15th June. I'll be glad to get an informed opinion on the mechanical state of the car as I've put a lot of faith in the service history and the dealer warranty. I have a suspicion that the whole day is reserved for the service clinic? Anybody else booked in there on the same day?
Hi and welcome Rob....very nice looking car and I like the interior. I live in Ealing and will keep a look out for you.

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