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Heart skipped a beat


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26 May 2013
Had a small water leak from the expansion tank, so ordered a new one from Design911, along with a new cap and some anti freeze. Being fairly competent with spanners I set to, after reading numerous threads on here about how to go about the job.

For those who have not done it, don`t let anyone kid you it is still a t**t of a job. :pc:

All back together and fluid topped up I started the engine to warm up and top up the system if required. What I got was a misfire on at least a couple of cylinders, which would sometimes clear when revved. I took it for a short run but got a fault message on the dash telling me to drive to a dealer :sad:
Got it back in the garage and methodically went through everything I could see but found nothing amiss. I started it up again only for the dash readout to tell me I had PSM failure, ABS failure and take it to a dealer :eek:

Living on an island with no local dealer or specialist that I know of I promptly had a severe nervous breakdown with visions of my car being trailered away while I called the bank for a loan.

I thought I would try one last thing, disconnect the battery to see if it would reset anything, (well, it works on my pc sometimes :D ). After the alarm started screaming at me and half the local town I reconnected the battery and restarted the car. All was sweet again !

Wadd I do ? :dont know:
That's why I never bug!*r about with my Turbo! I just take it straight to a specialist and let him sot it. But then I am not on an island unto myself and am blessed with several good indys within a 30 mile radius.

These cars can bite back very hard! I wouldn't like to take any risks whatsoever with mine. But that's me.
Did you turn the key to position II whilst the MAF was disconnected, by any chance?
Don`t think I did but the car was sat for a few days while I got the parts together, so possibly.
The reason I ask is because I had a similar thing after having run the engine with the MAF disconnected. No other faults / problems. The warnings cleared once the MAF was reconnected and the engine restarted. Do your errors keep coming back?
No, all clear so far. Spoke to someone today about it who said that if the battery leads are disconnected and you touch them together it will clear the fault codes. :dont know:
Never done that job, but could be coincidence.

I'd go over all the wiring & plugs you might have disconnected & make sure they are all mated properly.

Might be worth going through the battery disconnect sequence again done properly, Key turned disconnect etc. & try again.

Living where you do, it sounds like Durametric would be a good investment!

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