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Headlight woes.....but an easy fix


3 Jun 2012
On Saturday night I was collecting the weekend Chinese, got back to the car, started it and turned the headlights on but nothing lit up. Oh ***** thought I, it must be the ballast ? that was the first thought that entered my mind.
Today I put my thinking cap on, checked the fuses first but I knew that it was unlikely that 2 fuses would blow at the same time, surely the ballasts could not blow at the same time either, so that left the obvious answer was the headlight switch. I tried the sidelights, they were OK, front foglights were also OK as were the mainbeams, I then tried every combination of lights on and lights off and after about 20 attempts the headlights came on with the foglights. A few more attempts and the lights came on again, so I decided to remove the switch for further examination.

2 torx screws removed from side of air vent


Pull out headlight switch and locate small brass lock under switch, press it in to remove switch completely.


The remove another torx screw at the side of the switch.


Remove cover to pull complete vent assembly out.


Vent removed, then disconnect electrical connection and illumination switch.


Remove 24mm retaining bolt from bezel, then remove bezel



Remove switch mechanism with a simple twist.


Electrical contact cleaner was then used to clean contacts, I also used a small detailing brush similar to a toothbrush to clean the contacts.



All re-assembled again, ignition on and lights work again perfectly.


I wonder how many of these perfectly good switches have been dumped when a simple clean would have been sufficient ?????
Me too!

Have a similar problem with the dash lights not coming on until a delay of 0-300 seconds (approx) after I turn the lights on.

Removed switch and was about to strip and clean but had to pop out so put the switch back in temporarily and it started working as normal. Reassembled and all has been fine for 1 week but now the delay has started again.

Will remove and clean contacts but will disassemble the switch if cleaning the contacts doesn't work.
Good call Jethro, unfortunately the art of DIY with cars is rapidly dying out.
Did the same on mine . Works fine since. 8)
Did the same on mine, but also have a spare switch, just in case! :)

Easy DIY, but as stated, that art seems to be dying out slowly!

Good job though :)

Igurisu said:
Good call Jethro, unfortunately the art of DIY with cars is rapidly dying out.

Yes, many would rather take them to an OPC, let them put a new switch in and get their wallets emptied all for the sake of 30 minutes work.

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