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Headlamp washer leak. Bumper off ?


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9 Oct 2018
Hi. Just driven car.... when I returned to it [windscreen] washer fluid was leaking from both sides in front of the wheels?
Maybe a central connector leaking, and spilling out from both sides. I've read the system is pressurised.

So I need to search for leak. Do I need to take bumper off, or can I get to/see everything by removing undertray ?
Incidentally I did refill, and washers aren't working - so probably correct system has to be pressurised ?

The connector that feeds the front washer jets is behind the N/S head light, so if that's still connected and I feel it will be then that's not your source of the problem. The washer pipe runs from the N/S to the jets that go up in front of your head lights, there is no feed from the drivers side.
If your testing the washers all you have to listen for is the pump running, if that's not running then that's where your problem lies, the system as a whole isn't pressurised until the pumps running then it will just squirt out of the nearest hole!
Remember head light washers only work when the headlights are on or you use the headlight washer switch which is on the bottom of the washer stalk and again head lights have to be on.
Sounds to me that it's a pump issue.
Front bumper is pretty straight forward to remove but I don't think removing it will fix your problem.
I think and this is only a guess that the washer bottle is behind the passenger side front wheel in behind the wing, you'll need to remove the wheel, then the inner shroud to gain access.
In the picture that's attached you can see the washer piping, with one going to the NS nozzle and then running along the bottom of the rads to the OS.


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Many thanks Eastern jets...

I've initially taken off inner wing, and washer bottle all intact and no leaks.

The 'T' pipe could be a likely candidate... but doesn't explain why pump not running. I have tried with lights on, and manual switch.

I'll look further tomorrow
If your not getting any response from the pump when you press or pull the stalk then it must be electrical, the pumps are very basic and can fail but you need to check that it's getting power.
The pipe and connectors are pretty heavy duty and the connectors are unlikely to pop off unless they've been tampered with. Was the car stored outside over the winter, could the frost have got into either the pump or the pipes, it's unlikely to damage the pipes as the water would expand and just dribble out of the washer.
Check your fuses and check you have power to the pump.
Second all EJ has said^

Freezing washer fluid can pop the pipes off (before I realized Porsche sell 2 types of washer fluid - one with antifreeze) but that's not going to explain sudden loss of fluids you experienced.

Does the windscreen washer still work?
Would also try the fuses and check it's deffo washer fluid.
Thanks gents. Car stored inside, and windscreen jets working perfectly.... I'm going to have another look this PM. I'll report back what I find.
Note that the positioning of the 2 x pumps in the fluid tank is such that the headlight wash runs out before the windscreen (nice touch Porsche 😀)

Bumper off will allow full access. Pretty tight via indicator / fog light or lower grill

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