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Head lining


Mexico City
8 Nov 2007
I was nosing at some other 993's at the PH meets at Brroklands earlier. The headlining on my car is leather, was this standard on all 993's or was vinyl standard with leather an option?

Similarly, did all 993's get stitched leather across the dash top or was that an option as well?
Leather dash top and door cards was part of the extended leather extras package.

What does a leather headlining look like . Is it perforated :dont know:
So sis headlining leather as standard?

I know I have extended leather but I don't know what it included. I'm guessing sun visors and lower dash as well ( as they have cow on them)
Headlining is vinyl as standard. Leather sun visors are an Exclusiv option I believe. Is your under bonnet sticker littered with X options? You could have pretty much anything covered in leather at a price. XP9 - Leather radio speaker trim rings anyone?
Someone went to town specifying your car when new. It's pretty unusual for a C4 to have extended leather as well as the exclusive leather airbag and sun visors.

Post up your option codes.
It was well specced from new:

Extended leather, which I now know is headlining, top of dash, bottom of dash, door cards and tops of door bins, sun visors, steering wheel boss cover and glovebox lid. Hollow spokes, sunroof (standard?) air con, motor sound package, sound package, hard back sport seats, trip computer. I think that's it.
Ok, that's a mix of extended leather and exclusive options.

Post the codes and we'll see what's what.
I have the 'extra cow' option in mine also. I didn't realise and the seller also didn't point it out as a feature when I bought it. I was over at Gert's and he made special mention of it...

I think it also included more leather on the arm rest on the door.
I believe extended (std on my 4S) included dash top and bottom inc glove box lid, centre console, back seats, door cards, door pulls, storage bin lids and door caps in leather. All usually vinyl on the standard spec

Any extra leather such as airbag, sun visors, steering column surround, switches, air vents, speaker grilles, possibly more are all exclusive dept options.
Yes but what types - for example elephant :dont know: I can get hold of four skins

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