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Having the Bypass Today, updated!


25 Aug 2010
No, not a triple bypass thankfully, but I suppose what's known on here as the Hollamby variety!

Slightly nervous tell the truth, really don't want to end up with the souped up Saxo thing going on!

Anyway I'll report back with my findings, just goes to show the power of this most excellent site.
It will sound like a snotty kids Nova :grin:

Only joking, you wont regret it :thumb:
Bypass Update!

Well, back from having the surgery, thanks to the guy's at Infinity Exhausts Bristol. All I can say is -
Wow, really impressed. £150 all in plus they polished the tips!

Now some might say that's a lot of cash for a change in exhaust note, and no improvement in performance...........but what a NOTE, worth every penny. It has brought out that breathy, rorty air cooled bubble......gorgeous!

On a note, thanks to Zingers for all the pics in previous posts, really helped with explaining what I wanted done.
:thumb: Great stuff. I am still trying to find the time to take my ones off to get them dome. Hopefully next week.

Did you have to replace any bolts,brackets or heat shields?

All new bolts, the shields and brackets were all good.

Get it Done!!
great that you like it, it's a aural upgrade :thumbs:
I should have this elective surgery. Where in Surrey do I go? Do I tell them to give the car a Kimbo (and a bit off round the sides)? Has the Hollamby bypass entered the 993 lexicon now?

I love the sound of my car on start up and at high revs, though amping the noise by 10 to 15% sounds good. I'm not looking for drone or LOUD ness though
Indeed you cannot substitute the "Hollamby bypass" but there is indeed a myriad of choice for ones exhaust out there.......some of which give.....IMO give a better more "authentic" sound......but as ever....to each their own......:)

Boris.....I am glad you like the sound of your bypass and yes indeed the price is certainly "right"......that is not a lot of money to have to pay to be able to scare young children, grannies and horses....... :floor:

Madalaa quote

"Boris.....I am glad you like the sound of your bypass and yes indeed the price is certainly "right"......that is not a lot of money to have to pay to be able to scare young children, grannies and horses......."

I've no idea what exhaust you've been listening to, but it's obviously not the one I have.............perhaps the hearing aids need turning down?
Did you remove them and take them in loose, or did they do the remove, rework and refit...for £150 all in?
Drive-in, Drive-out!

If you want to have a listen let me know.
Nice one, I'll have to get my backside round there sometime.

Mine's back on the road (post sorn) tomorrow...can't wait. Although I have the back end out of the fezzer at the moment, doing the clutch thrust bearing/slave cylinder, so money and time being spent on that.

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