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Have I missed something?


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27 Aug 2010
Kim has finally placed a For Sale for his third 993, and therefore potentially leaving the fold? What are you after Kim? Cayman? Please not another 964 convert.
Hi there Rob, thanks for the post.

Sorry to say that the 993 is indeed up for sale, but happy to say that I've had over 15 emails and calls since advertising it last night.

Working full-time as a Film Director and Photographer means I bring in slightly less an hour than the average nurse and I can't fund the yearly maintenance costs which is a damn shame.

Cayman next probably - anything with big service intervals, good mpg, cheaper running costs and a big warranty.

A good buy, my 993.

All the big bills paid for by the last owner :sad:

If all the big bills have been paid shouldn't it be a lot cheaper to run from now on?
Best of luck with the sale.

...one would hope so, although the clutch would probably be the next thing on the list of to-do's and last replaced 35,000 miles ago.

That's about a grand.
It truly is the end of an era.

Makes The Pope resigning look like the opening of a crisp packet.
Noooooooooooooooooooo! You can't leave us Kim. You're part of the furniture. I can't see you being able to charm those Cayman owners with your Hollamby mod like you've done here!

You've obviously thought long and hard about this and if it's something you have to do then it's got to be done. Obviously, you'll have to stay on this forum as it wouldn't be the same without you. :thumb:

I'm sure your car will sell quickly what with its history and the tasteful mods.

The Cayman is a bloody good car and I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to do the same sometimes. The funny thing is, I think I'd rather have a Cayman than a 997! Certainly a 997.1, perhaps a 997.2 would win, but they still have an enormous amount to depreciate.
Sad to hear that Kim.
I've got a bit of your car in mine, as a momento (steering wheel).
Good luck with the sale & hope you direct a blockbuster soon that enables you to get back into a 993 :thumb:
MisterCorn said:
If all the big bills have been paid shouldn't it be a lot cheaper to run from now on?
Best of luck with the sale.



I can't see how a car under warranty will be cheaper to run - don't you have to replace everything they say?

N-rated tyres :grin: no Rainsports :hand:
Well OC, if I buy a Cayman from Paragon for example, they'll pay the next servicing costs and include a year's warranty. Then I won't have another service bill for another two years. If it's fairly low mileage car, I'm hoping there won't be anything to spend on it apart from consumables.

Guys (in Gwyneth Paltrow style): :sad: :sad: :sad:

Thank you :worship: :worship: :worship:
It looks like a nice car!

Has it had any paintwork?

Does the suspension feel planted?

Doe it feel like it is hewn from granite?

I was looking for one owner and 30,000 miles!
Kim, nooooo!!! - don't do it mate!!

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