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Have I ? Haven't I?


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27 May 2013
This buying a 911 is not easy is it????

I've agreed a good deal on an excellent 05, Carrera S, and thought it was a done deal!

There was an issue with the opening of the engine bay lid (Boot or Bonnet?), so the seller said he'd sort it...

I spoke to him today to arrange / finalise collection etc but I was told that they had found another issue with the dash buttons that manually operate the rear spoiler and the adjacent button that enables the stiffer dampers!

Two questions,
1) is this a known / common issue?
2) he's asking (albeit politely) weather I'd be willing to contribute to the added cost of these repairs....?

I did negotiate a good discount on the car, and the seller is a thoroughly nice bloke, but he's asking me to help him out as I think he feels he's sold the car too cheaply? But the car does need wheel refurb and shortly will also need new rubber... (Otherwise immaculate)

So, without obligation I've asked him to get costs confirmed, and it was good of him to let me know what's failed on the car (I would have tested / found the faults but it is to his credit that he's fixing the two faults)

The get out on both parties is that the faults maybe covered by the independents warranty policy, but at this stage that's only a maybe.

Any advise?
Is this a dealer or private sale? I'm assuming the former.

I'm not aware of these being common problem. If it were me buying I'd being having the car inspected by someone like Peter Morgan or an OPC via their 111 point check and based on the findings I'd negotiate the price.

That being said, I would wait to see what the costs come back and go from there. There's nothing to proove that he wasn't already aware of the fault before you negotiated on price and now he's trying to push the price back up. He'd also need to get this repaired regardless of whether you buy it so I'd be inclined to say he should pay at his expense.

What's the specification/colour of the car? New rubber will set you back around £900 - £1k all round.
It's a private purchase,

2005, Carrera S3.8, Manual. Seal Grey, with dark blue Leather, pretty light on options but not too bothered as its in really good condition cosmetically.

I'm pretty sure he didn't know, and agree it needs fixing regardless, I did manage to get £3k off it...

I have found another car that maybe if interest so probably going to view that tomoro as a plan b.

Just more disappointed I will not be playing with a shiney new porsche this weekend, still I'm a big boy and will just have to wait....
Hi there. I have just sold my 2006 997 privately with everything in it working as it left the factory. PM me the price you are paying if you like. There are plenty of well specced/priced models out there. Be picky, it is going to be your pride and joy! :thumb:
I really don't think you should be expected to contribute towards the cost of repairs - but he certainly sounds like a nice chap as he has alerted you to the faults.
As already said, there are loads of cars out there - probably an even better one than you have found and with better spec/lower mileage.
Good luck!
It's all sorted now.

Had good chat with the seller and he's happy to cover all costs and ghd deal is go again.

This boy will be a happy boy come next Wednesday evening!

( gonna be a long few days)
Well done! Glad you managed to work it out with the seller to your satisfaction.
Don't forget to post some pictures once you get it home next week.
Now the long, agonising wait!!
This boy will be a happy boy come next Wednesday evening!

Don't forget to share some pictures. Welcome to the World of 911 ownership. :)
Here it is....!!!!!

More pics in the gallery section!


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