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Has Kimi had a personality bypass


21 Jun 2003
What is it with Kimi Raikonnen. I saw him interviewed the other day and it was like he was on something. How does he communicate with his engineers. Perhaps he livens up after a pepsi or something, or maybe he drives whilst in a coma which is why he keeps coming off the track.

Wish Coulthard would get his act together.

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He's so quiet its as though he's not even speaking. Suppose a not excited by anything attitude is beneficial to his driving.

I'm finding that the whole spectacle of F1 is pretty boring again after a decent start this season.

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F1 most definitely has lost the plot. I have watched F1 since early 80s and somehow I am finding it all too boring..... I thought it was just me since my mate said it is the most interesting year.......(Bloody Senna, had to go before it got interesting!)


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Well, it kind of the most interesting year for quite a while. But it's starting from a VERY low base IMHO -- and still we've only seen, what, one or two mildly exciting overtaking manouevres the whole year? Trouble is, I have to keep watching just in case something happens...

And yes, I'd love to have seen Senna and Schumi battling it out -- some have argued that it was the fear of Schumacher that provoked Senna to overdrive and lose it into that fatal corner. He was after all in a fairly uncompetitive car that year.

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I do love F1 Andy yes, I get quite down when the season ends!
I know alot of people think they have lost the plot, but this year as Manek said it is interesting, I think we are in for a few years of more competitive teams. I would like to see Toyota do well and Jaguar. I don't think we are proud enough of our involvement in F1. This country has a fantastic interest in engineering and design of F1 cars. Alot of the top people come from the U.K. Of all the country's the road show goes too we really should have the best turnout, its a shame its taken so long to make Silverstone a viable dayout. I wonder if its all too late. Kimi is a bone head. Not a bad driver but not good for the persona of the sport.
I thought when Montoya came along we might be in for some spice. Barricello needs to retire, as does Frentzen, Coulthard and Villenueve let some new blood have a go at beating Mr Schumacher senior.
Are you going to Silverstone this year?

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i agree Olivia. not enough people realise just how many brits are involved in F1, and all major engineering projects across the world in fact. the reason most things are possible in this crazy technological world is because of the trusty Brit brainpower!!

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It is boring cos there is just so little overtaking. Monaco Yuk! might as well just show us the gals! The tracks should be widened, automatic shifters should be banned, what else.........I never knew I would be saying this...


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...aerodynamic aids curtailed, carbon brakes banned, no auto-semi-auto gear-shifting...

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Yep, was at BGP all w/end. Good fun and F1 back to where it should be. Got to meet Arnie (Terminator) as well who was a guest in one of our clients suite and on the same floor as our own suite. Top-tastic bloke - just awesome to look at. I found myself feeling 12 years old again. Pathetic really. But then I see the punters going wild over F1 drivers, so I guess I can understand it.

F1 is a very big industry in the UK and government support is regrettably minimal. F1 has its good and bad points for sure, but Silverstone is pretty much the only track that has no involvement and if we lose the race in the UK, we have the potential to lose a lot more. Me thinks anyway...

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Has Kimi had a personality bypass? This presuposes that he had a personality in the beginning. He, like F1 these days, is just so boring. I gave up watching it halfway through last season after being a fan all my life.

It's a shame. As people have said, we lead the world in the technology but the Shermans lead the world in entertainment value with the Champ/Cart (call it what you will) series. This is what I watch these days instead of F1.

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