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HARTECH Porsche 996 Carrera 4 Manual (SOLD)

Honestly I'm super surprised this is still for sale. As you say, probably just unfortunate timing with all the economic stuff going on everywhere. The right buyer will be along soon I expect. GLWS
tob_today said:
Honestly I'm super surprised this is still for sale. As you say, probably just unfortunate timing with all the economic stuff going on everywhere. The right buyer will be along soon I expect. GLWS


💯% agree with this

Think this looks like an absolute bargain especially with work carried out.
I'm surprised this hasn't sold too.

GLWS & I'm sure it'll sell soon :thumb:
Very kind of you both to say :)
I'm obviously biased :D

It has intrigued me somewhat too :D

In the meantime, I've missed out on a few replacements, which is disappointing, but I guess if it's meant to be, it's meant to be :thumbs:

We'll see how the next few weeks go - especially now the weather's changing :)

Dan, I agree it's a good advert and the car should sell

My only comment is that it says 'Hartech rebuild' but I know from posts on here and Pistonheads that some people will think "ah but was it all 6 cylinders or not, is it now a closed deck system

On reading it through again, I see you have put new liners and pistons, just might be worth confirming all 6 done and whether closed deck or not
If I were on the look out, I will buy it!
You can buy mine and me yours :D
Happy Easter Dan :thumb:
ScoobyDoo555 said:

New job and bigger pay packet required for the one half of your suggestion buddy :D

I might chop mine down..inflation makes me worried :nooo:
LOL These cars just aren't selling at the moment :D
Certainly not for the circa £20k people are asking for them.

Would love to hear from anybody who's successfully moved a 996 on recently.

I've still got time on my side so I'm not desperate to sell. But what has surprised me is the lack of calls, emails or PMs etc.
I didn't think my car looked that bad a deal :D :D :D

Has the cost of living hit that hard?
From your other thread

As I said on your other thread ........

T8 said:
Unfortunately for you Dan I think it's simply the current economic climate that's causing the slow response to your advert.

'Entry Level' 911s are the ones that are going to be most affected as most buyers of those cars are enthusiasts with just enough money to scratch the itch and are having to think twice and postpone their decision for a while.

Some people with newer cars may be looking to make the most of the value of their more expensive cars and downscale but I suspect that they will be looking at 'garage queens' rather than good, honest but well used cars such as yours.

Fingers-crossed - when people get used to how their daily costs have changed they'll rethink and re-engage with the market, especially as the weather improves.

Good Luck :thumb:
Thanks :)

TBH, I'd either missed your response or forgotten about it :pc: Sorry :D

But I do think you're right - I think what has caused some bemusement is the lack of "traffic". I've echoed the same thing in a PM to someone too.

These cars seem to be very price-sensitive, with the slightest "out of sync" resulting in a communication blackspot.

I'm not frustrated or upset, more so intrigued as to how the markets are behaving.

It'll sell. As and when :thumbs:

Also seems to be increasing chatter with 997.1's not moving - definitely a market shift going on which is totally understandable with cost of living, etc. IMO it's the pandemic bubble losing air and (some) cars coming back down closer to where they were before, ie their more natural value.

Will be interesting to see if this becomes a more full-scale correction, although likely top end of market less affected by cost of living increases.
Yes, really interesting - and not in a sarcastic manner :D

Like all sellers (of anything), I know what I paid initially. I kind of know what it's worth (although that seems to be a sliding scale at the moment), so if the circumstances dictate re-evaluating, simply being more patient or even taking off the market for a while, so be it.

I suspect things could get worse after today with interest rates set to rise again.

I don't really want to p/ex if at all possible, but if there's simply no market for buying, then the choices are somewhat diminished.....

This has turned into a "thunk/muse" rather than an actual post :D

I just looked at your PH ad again. TBH it's not standing out enough in the crowd. If it was me I'd add Hartech to title and make that much more prominent. I'd also get some better photos, not use words like 'honest car" (dealer speak for rough around the edges).

The mileage will immediately put many buyers off and they will immediately discount based on quick scan when browsing all the other ads. The all black will also reduce your market. Not everyone wants that look. So you need to really dress up the ad. Make it look awesome.

It's very much buyers market at the moment, with lots of sellers trying to sell with concerns market will drop significantly over next months. You have a lot of competition, also against dealers with warranty peace of mind.

Also the YouTube link isn't easily accessed in the PH ad. I'd also get it on eBay if you haven't already. Then keep tweaking them to keep at top of results.

Hope that helps a little.
Thanks Tob,
Appreciate the feedback. :thumbs:

TBH, I can't win with this one aspect - some say that the Hartech thing scares people off, so I put it in the text rather than as a selling point. Then people say I need to promote that aspect further :D :D (not having a moan - just find it bemusing how fickle the buying public are! :D )

I do take your point about the terminology of "honest" - my intention was to convey a no-BS, "it's a nice car, straight, not dodgy, but it's a 22-year old car so don't expect a 991 :D" type of vibe.
But agreed - it's a little bit 'Arthur Daly" :D

As for the "not everyone wants that look" of black on black, little to nothing I can do about that apart from as you say, take some more nice piccies.

The YT vid can't be added to the advert on PH - they don't like it, so I had to be "creative".

The mileage - yes, while on the one hand, those not in the know will be scared off by 125k, but they'd also be scared off by the "engine rebuild" aspect too.
Those IN the know, will want to look at the MOTs and see how many miles have actually been driven and at what stage in it's life (it's actually only 5.6k miles per year overall - in my possession, it's come DOWN to about 4k :D )

My gut reaction is that it's still a bit optimistic on price (aren't we all), but I'm more than happy to have the conversation with anybody - as you say (and I think you're probably right)- it's switched from a sellers to buyers market. But I'm reviewing the pricing each week and tbh, I would expect that should I get sensible offers, I'm open to persuasion :)

I personally think that with the 996 market at the moment, it's quite "active", as people what to offload their cars because of well, a variety of reasons, but mostly probably because of the cost-of-living sting.
My motivation isn't that (I'm still pinching myself that we've got off VERY lightly!) - I simply want to look at another car...... when the right one comes along, I want to be able to jump on it. Even if it's as a P/ex. Yes, I'll lose a lot of money, but sometimes that's how it is. I'd hate for a prospective owner to miss out because a dealer steps in and puts it up for a silly amount :D We can hope eh?

Indeed - all valid points. Best of luck Dan 👍

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