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Hard wire phone cable in? oh no!


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31 Dec 2002
doh !

my 1st mod disaster !!!! arrrhhhhhh .. I'VE JUST FRIED MY PHONE !

So I wanted to hard wire both my road angel and phone...

I used the cig lighter cable as the basis... 1st split for the road angel

and the 2nd cable for the phone.. so plugged my phone in and then nothing... phone goes dead.. very odd.. now I thought that the cable had failed or there was a fault.. this is on my Sony Ericsson P900 ..

so I then get my old Sony Ericsson T68 and plug that in to check the supply.. so the light comes on but flickers.. so I tuen away for a second to get my torch and as I tuned back my phone was smoking !

so that's fried phone no.2. !

so have I just fed in 12v direct to both my phone....err. looks like it.....

so what have I done wrong and what do I need to do to correct this problem ????

any real instructions of how to hard wire in a phone !???


phone isn't the deal.. p900 is my organiser with all it's info on it ! LOST !

er.. otherwise my new CUSTOM 3rd brake light works and the Becker Sat Nav is all OK ! which some of you can see on friday !

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I'm not 100% clear exactly how you wired the phone in, but if I've understood correctly you have just fried your phone with 12 volts.....which obviously isn't good.

The ciggy lighter connectors all look the same, but inside their not. The road angel probably takes 12V direct and so that cable probably just passes the voltage straight through to the angel. The phone cable and connectoes have a voltage regulator inside to reduce the voltage down to around 5 volts which is surficient to charge and power the phone. Hence if you used the Roadangel cable and spured off to the phone, you're passing non regulated 12volts, or 13.8 to be more exact, direct to the phone. Ssssmooooking!!

I think you'll have to put this down to a school boy error :wink:


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aye ! smoking phone indeed !

at least we now know... :)

the fun of modding !!! and thank god for phone Insurance !

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finally all fixed :oops:

phone works a treat, road angel hard wired in (shows speedo at 5% over GPS speed).. all cables hidden..........

and thanks to Auto Audio in NW London.. who would appear to be (based on the car's they are doing!) the west coast customs of the UK !

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Thats interesting, since my Origin also shows that my speedo overreads, although by about 10mph when doing 80mph. The problem is I find myself driving by the speed the Origin reports, not the speedo.

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My Road angel tells me i'm doing 80 when speedo says 88, you do tend to end up driving by the GPS speed which is alittle dangerous!

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85 indicated is 80 on my Road Angel. Suggest that the GPS device is accurate; speedos, as well as being inherently inaccurate are also affected by worn tyres, wider tyres, bigger diameter wheels, etc.

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verses road angel...Speedo is 7% faster but the digital speedo is 4% faster

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I want to hard wire Road Angel 2 in - is it a piece of cake then ?

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by nigey boy on 26 December 2004

I want to hard wire Road Angel 2 in - is it a piece of cake then ?
but not 12v direct ! so if you know how to split cables into the right voltage then DIY.. if not take it to an auto audio shop....

cable hidden round the side and the back.. all the way around... :)

I'll post some pics.. soon....

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