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Hard Top

Alex Bartman

Active member
22 Dec 2006
Hi There

One week's ownership - and Im loving it!! Just a quick question though.....should the hard top on my 1999 C4 Cab be "rock solid" - its just that it squeeks and rattles quite a bit on on lovely pot-holed A and B roads - its pretty quiet on the motorway - Im not sure (never had a convertible with a hard top before) if this is pretty normal and just one of those things that you have to put up with??? Do any seals need lubrciating from time to time - have a pot of silcone grease at the ready......



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Can't claim to be an expert Alex but mine does the same (7 weeks ownership!), quiet on motorways, bit less so on bumpy UK roads....



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Mine too rattles a bit on bumpy roads. I take it you have checked that it is securely locked in place. If one of the back bayonnets is not quite locked it will rattle loads.

Incidentially, mine did not rattle as much in my first year of ownership, so they may work themselves lose over time. But I have never found out if you can adjust the tightness of the bayonnets.

If you bought from an OPC may be worth a call to ask if they can be adjusted.

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Keep an eye on it if you get it adjusted lower (tighter), as mine used to rub againt the paintwork on the rear panel because it was set too low in my first year of ownership. Nice and quiet though :)

After a reluctant respray, I've now had mine adjusted higher to prevent this. Now it rattles and creaks all over the place :roll:

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if the roof is adjusted too low at the rear it will in fact make more noise as it should float on spring mounts. The rear mounts are adjustable bot should be done with the above in mind. I would leave the silicone off of the seals it attracts road dirt and thus more noise, a good clean of the seals is better.

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