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Hands up if you're on the original IMS!?!?!?


14 Apr 2013
Following on from the IMS furore I was just wondering if we could flip the situation on its head and get some positive news about the IMS

Who has a high mile 996/997 and is still on the original IMS?

Presumably there are many more people in this category than with a failed bearing, so lets see!

Im on 75K with the original bearing .....
GT4 said:
I'm guessing 1:19

Given that its estimated to be approx 95% reliable you are probably right. The problem is that you only hear about the ones which fail, this then sends waves of panic through the fora readers.

What I'm hoping to do here is get loads of people actually saying that their bearing is reliable which will provide a measure of realism and settle the nerves.

We never hear about all the bearings with no problems!
Mine - now sold - was perfect with 69,000 miles running like a dream :sad:

It's mainly a big load of forum hullabaloo :thumb:
Mine was fine to 47k miles (and still going a year on with new owner)
996 C4 with 83K on the clock. To my knowledge car has never had the IMS replaced. RMS was replaced but I believe it was a "while you're in there" when some work was done on the 2nd gear synchro.

62k never been changed as far as I'm aware, C4 coupe 1999
Engine rebuilt at 65k and no sign of a problem. Seals changed during the build (IIRC), bearing was reported as fine.
65000 c4s no oil leaks with original bearing. touch wood (not that I'm superstitious) :thumb:
And it has just done 4200 miles on the 911 uk euro tour and didn't use a drop of oil :dont know:
81k on mine but ims seal leaking so having replaced next week along with new clutch, rms and sport and classic upgraded bearing. Not cheap but peace of mind secured.
Up to about 98.5K when I bought my 996 so promptly had a ceramic bearing fitted as Insurance. Old bearing was starting to leak so I might just have been very lucky indeed :)

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