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handbrake self adjustment


25 Jan 2015
Hey all does anyone have any clues on how this enigma works?

Noticed my lever was pointing to the roof so stripped it all apart to see whats up.

If I kinda cajole the T piece that holds the cables up into the mechanism it clicks and "self adjusts" but as soon as the lever is pushed all the way down the self adjusting ratchet unloads and springs back.

Any clues on whats up? The bits all look fine and nothing is broken etc but I dont have anything to compare to to see whats what.

It doesn't have any self adjustment. When you're lifting the handbrake lever the noise you're hearing is just the racket on the lever. You've most likely got a snapped cable. Is the round piece that holds the 2 cables rotating one way when you pull it up? If so its the cable its rotating away from that has snapped. Take a look under your car and you'll probably see the broken cable hanging down.
it 100% is self adjusting mate, and both cables are spot on
paul_mck said:
it 100% is self adjusting mate, and both cables are spot on

My bad, thought it was the same as 996.
This might help:


Edit: That's Gen 1. Are you 1 or 2?
yeah no worries it confused me too. its a .1

I think something is awry as it was fine then I noticed I had to pull the handbrake up a lot higher.

having pulled it apart it seems to do its thing then it releases and adjusts all the way out when the handbrake is returned down to the bottom
The handbrake self adjusts , there is a small plastic tab you can push to help release it when removing these .. 996 have an adjustment on the handbrake unlike these .

Personally i've never liked it since it first came out .

To adjust the handbrake you have to do it on the handbrake shoe adjuster .

For me if the handbrake is suddenly much higher then something has broken whether it be a cable , the handbrake or the handbrake shoes have broken up .

I wouldn't be that keen on doing many miles in the car until the fault is found as i've seen in rare cases handbrake shoes break up on a Boxster and it caused a lot of damage along with locking up the wheel .
so it seems like the release part you mention (when fitting/refitting) is triggering when the handbrake is returned to horizontal. I can ratchet it up by pushing the arm into the mechanism and it clicks but as soon as the handbrake goes back down it pops out to full extension.

I hear what youre saying about the cables/shoes but honestly they seem to be working as intented.
I have to always err on the side of caution im afraid as i do this for a living so should give sensible advice basically .

If there is excessive " slack " in the cable or the shoes then there's not enough drag on the handbrake ratchet to engage and so it will keep going up until there is enough pull on the cables to engage this lock .

Hence my concern is the shoes .. mainly as this can be expensive if broken up and driven .

It can also be the handbrake itself .. i struggled to find a picture so the below is the best i can find .. the arrow just about shows the black tab .. you push this forward to release the lock and the handbrake will go much higher .. i do it when removing the handbrake to get at the nuts .

This could also be the issue .. hard to say i'm afraid without looking .


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One of my handbrake shoes delaminated a couple of months ago. Fortunately I was at work when it happened so stripped it down there and avoided issues demort has seen. Close call for me.

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