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H reg 911 model 964

James Ball

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21 May 2002
Hi Spider

The Porsche 964 is a much maligned car. Every generation of 911 has its Achilles heel and the 964 is no exception. The early models suffered from flywheel and oil leak problems. Most of these would have been resolevd under warantee and they are well Documented. There is an excellent 964 website called:
. Go there and have a read of the problems. The truth is that they are much exagerated and a 964, if bought carefully, will be a great buy. Prices are really low right now (good LHD from about £13k and RHD from about £15k) and although service costs are a bit higher than both the older 3.2 and the newer 993 there is no reason why it should cause your son any more problems that any other type of 911.

Cheers, James

PS The 964 RS is one of the best drivers 911s money can buy

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964 oil leak problem

Discovering an oil leak due to the oil filler cap blowing off I find the cap has a "critical point" when tightening same It will be o k for a couple of weeks & then the same thing happens again!

Can you say whether the engine pressure would be capable of doing this -normally or is this something more serious?

I intend to do my own servicing, up to a point, is it possible to get a w/shop manual & who are the best / reasonable people for spares/

Many thanks


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I also have a H reg Carrera 2 Cabrio and put oil in every now and again and there are no visible oil leaks. Dont know where it all goes but porsche mechanics that I know at the local specialists say its pretty normal and I was also advised that I should run at the min level on the stick as there is still 11 litres in teh car and if you over fill them it blows it out of various places and can cause oil leaks. I check the stick every now and again and it is definately better when run just over minimum.

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Thanks 4 the info I will give it a go. There are no leaks its just that about every 2 weeks the cap decides to pop off spewing about a pint of oil all over the engine compartment. When you tighten the filler cap it seems to tighten & then goes slack again as tho the threads are stripped, but maybe all caps are like that. Anyway the next time it pops off I won"t bother to top it up

Thanks again

Terry Gallimore

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