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Gundo Hack sound differences


13 Apr 2017

I can see there are two different ways of doing the Gundo Hack (pictured). What is the more popular way and what are the noise differences?

Also does it make difference using 1.5" or 2" pipe for the job?

The external way as per the bottom set in that photo is how mine are done.

The size of the link pipe will effect the pitch, I will try and measure mine tomorrow.
The top one bypasses one stage of the silencer and is how the Porsche PSE is done (except that has a valve in the extra pipe).
The bottom one bypasses the silencer altogether!

The top one looks more elegant to me and will involve less awful gas flow. However each of these may in fact rely on sound waves bypassing the silencer rather than gas per se so may both be quite similar although I assume the bottom one is louder.

For the diameter of the pipe to make a meaningful difference you'll need to make sure the holes in the original pipes match.

Personally I'd go with the top one. PSE sounds superb IMHO.
PCW did an exhaust for Mat Watson, the carwow guy, and he said that he'd experimented with different pipes and that 40mm was the best tone/sound.

If you google it it's for Mat Watson's 996 C2.

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