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GT3 warranty issue


14 Aug 2005
Hi people.

Seems as though their are a few GT3 owners here now.

After several broken appointments (my fault) i paid a visit to our fav OPC today in my mk2 GT3 cs. Since i picked the car up 6 weeks ago the roll cage in the rear makes a slight clanging noise when i go over uneven ground or tight corners.So got matey from service to come out and identify problem with me, heard the noise, agreed was coming from something loose or needs adjusting on the rear cage vacinity,all OK so far. However when we get back to make appointment was told couldn't have a courtesy until end of november,not the end of the world i thought, then was told i would have to pay for work to be carried out, but i said i have ext warranty!, he said Oh, unfortunately rattles are not covered, i said but its not just a rattle, the roll cage is structural and its made this noise since i bought it from Porsche AG 5 months ago (long story why i only just got it) who i also paid for the ext warranty!! Err sorry sir these type of problems are not covered by warranty.Ok i said i'm not going to argue the point now still book it in i will get in contact with AG and sort it out with them.

So leaving aside the fact i bought the car from AG in May and i was kept waiting for the proper paperwork to arrive from them to get my car registered until 6 weeks ago! however they did agree at the time to ext my warranty for a further 4 months as i wasn't able to use/register the car in this time but not sure if they meant the full 2 year warranty as that would of ran out in July or the extended warranty.

So i feel quite confident i shouldn't have to pay for these reasons alone but as i said this aside, would anyone else be prepared to pay for this type work if their car is under warranty? any ideas what else i can do to save me the aggro of calling AG again!!!

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