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GT3 Vs. 205 mi16


7 Nov 2005
Just thought you guys would fine this interesting...

David DaCosta driving my track oriented 205mi16 around Castle Combe..giving a GT3 a hard time...


Plenty more videos


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looks like the GT3 was on it's cooling down lap :twisted:

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you'd hope so i assume, but as you can see it passes the exist at the end 8)

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read some of the other posts on here & you will see that many people will agree that well driven hot hatches or saloon cars can often be a "problem" for out & out performance cars. Not many here go in for the my cars faster than yours debate.

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I was merely replying to the post about cooling lap being the reason for the hassling.

It's only a bit of fun I thought you guys would appreciate.

In all honesty there are not that many out of the box cars that can outrun a hot hatch that has circa £8k spend on dedicated track car enhancements; so I agree with you.

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with all due respect a GT3 engine costs about 40k the difference is the GT3 will be driving home!! :)

Sorry had to have a go ...luvkeown

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the biggest difference is always the driver, hence so many upset driver faces of expensive machinery in the paddocks after the laps :eek:

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I think you might be right there. On a track day, which is meant to be fun day out rather than all out racing, very often it's how you drive rather than what you drive that determines how fast the car is.

Still remember on one of my track days a chap in a Golf conerning with one wheel in the air pulling away from me. And that's with me trying! :oops:

Still I don't think someone with an expensive car would be upset just because a "cheaper" car can go faster. A bit like saying I'm upset because an Escort van overtook me on the motorway when I was going at 98mph already! :wink:

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I've done a few track days, all good fun, but there is a real trend that as soon as non-super car passes any Porsche, then it ends up all over the net !


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Man you guys are a bit stiff, the clip is over a year old! I'm sure some of you can see the quality of the vid, as it contains an old ex-racing driver who still has a few lap records round castle combe from when he used to race minis in the 60's. In the clips he's having a ball showing a guy driving piece of expensive machinery (also having tuition that day as i was) that its more about the driver than the car

lighten up dudes and have fun 8)

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