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gt3 advice


30 Jan 2003

I have a 993 C2 that I have gently modded over the last two years (RS mounts, clutch LWF, Roock susp, remap, etc), and have reached the inevitable point in life where all I can think about (well almost) is a GT3! I seem to have narrowed it down to a Mk1, based on the fact that I actually prefer the looks and they are slightly cheaper (althouh Mk2's do look like very good value).

My next decision will be CS or Comfort! Now whilst this may inevitably be decided by what is available come the time I wanted to ask the following questions:

Does the comfort have the dual mass clutch and heavier flywheel? The RS clutch and LWF on my 993 was by the best mod!

Is the CS lower than the Comfort? Speed humps are aplenty in London!

What exactly is the Sport set up that I have seen mentioned by various dealers?

If the CS does have a more aggressive track setup, is it too hard for every day and can it be easily softened?

Buckets, are they a pain for everyday and how restrictive are they for popping things in the back? Do CS's only come with Nomex or do some have leather?

Finally, www.shirleys-garage.co.uk, has a CS in, seems a good price but it has not shifted for a while, is there a bad story lurking somewhere.

Your replies and knowledge will be most welcome.


BTW, same q's asked on PCCB GT3 forum and p/heads, apologies for anyone reading again

_____________________________ :oops:

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Funnily enough, I've looked at the GT3 at Shirleys a few times, not to buy but just because my office is just down the road so pop down from time to time in my lunch hour!

It has been there for ages, which is odd as the other GT3s they've had sold quite quickly.

It looks very straight to me, a few more stone chips on the nose than you'd expect for the miles probably indicates seen some high speed or track use (but then that's the whole point). Nice car, and worth pursuing I'd say. Maybe get an inspection for peace of mind...

There's another identical one here which has been for sale for a while too-


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club sports have the rs flywheel

comforts have the dual mass

you cannot have leather on a club sport, you get a roll cage and nomex

air con is an option on both

buckets are really comfortable once your in them, just dont plop down like you would in a normal seat

My mark 1, is really special, the cleanest car i've ever bought

( sorry about the self praise)

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i hear ya! i am getting the same dark thoughts..going crazy over gt3..what do you reckon in a fair price to pay for one?

ps did you get those japanese 911 mags i sent you?

hope all is well..


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I don't suppose it would cost a fortune to get the buckets trimmed in leather.

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dont forget all leather trimmed buckets have embossed crests as standard

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Well having just got myself a GT3 Mk2, 10 days ago, I really can't believe I waited so long to join the Porsche fraternity. go buy & enjoy, the smile will never leave your face.

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Robert, the guys on p/heads thought the shirleys car might not be a CS, could you tell from looking? did it have a red ignition cut off switch on the dash?

Mike, thanks for the mags, had a quick look, been really busy, will dedicate a hour or two to them soon. the GT3 longing is upon me again, happened 12 months ago! Interestingly I could have bought a Mk1 comfort in Zanzibar about 9-12 months ago for £44k! wish I had now :(
from what I can tell £10k difference between worst Mk1 and main dealer 03 Mk2, up to £15k for 04-05. RS £5k more!

how deep are my pockets?

decisions, decisions!

popped into see JZ today to collect my car (service) and Jonas had parked a yellow MK1 CS next to my car, some people :wink:
He says get a Mk1, Steve at JZ says get a Mk2, what to do?

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by poon on 29 September 2005

Interestingly I could have bought a Mk1 comfort in Zanzibar about 9-12 months ago for £44k! wish I had now :(
told you so :wink:

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wait till you see zanzibar in the flesh, then you'd understand why it was cheap

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zanzibar red...thats code for orange isn't it? Not a nice colour & on a GT3!!!!

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i actually quite like zanzibar,


but i wasn't quite ready to part with the 993 :oops:
, still not sure if I am?

wonder if I could have both? :twisted:

I think a trip to an OPC to see a Mk2 is needed, then make a decision.

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you could allways pop down and see me

I've got both!!

& with OPC warranties

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GR3 RS one of the best however I couldnt have one cos the wife would kill me for having a car with no seats in the back for the kids. Shame

Would love to track one.


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