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grrr..selling my car....advice please


New member
29 Nov 2004
had a guy look at my 993 yesterday. Nice enough chap but left me feeling rubbish when he left. Pulled the car apart, Quite unneccessarily I felt. Its an 993 on 105K (1996 N Plate C2 RHD with Varioram). The solenoid on the drivers door needs replacing, so I have to use the key. The porsche band on the rear is cracked and needs replacing. He thought the tappets were noisy (don't the 993's have hydrolic tappets?....and bearing in mind it was idling from cold and was NOT driven). The drivers footwell appeared to be slightly damp (possibly a leak from the rubber when the windscreen was replaced by a former owner...something i've never noticed). Finally the drivers door hinge had been fixed by a previous owner and there was signs of welding.

Now the good bits. I've had a new clutch kit (including flywheel), front track ends, gearbox rebuild (including a new diff), full 4 wheel alignment, new steering rack. full set of new tyres. I think the engines pulls beautifully and she handles superbly. The bodywork is in good condition, with the occasional stone chip, which is to be expected. Now I know we can all be proud parents but I feel a bit gutted by the whole affair.

How should I be pitching the sale of this car? importantly, what price can I comfortably expect? Bearing in mind she is driven daily and not a trophy car :)

Finally to add insult to injury....he didn't close the bonnet properly and my battery was flat when I went to start it this morning.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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hi Dave - my suggestion is not to take it too personally - he was just doing what we should all do when viewing a car - highlight the negatives in order to get the price down.

If its an honest car, that has been looked after then you should feel confident when people come to look at it. smile and be cool.

Pricing it can always be difficult - why not take it along to an independent dealer and see what he would offer you for it and while your at it ask what they think it would go for privately. That way you can see if "your" price is accurate.

Chin up old boy ! put it this way - you still have the car and Mr Picky doesn't.

Good luck. Are you going to replace it with another p car?

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OK point taken (sob)......don't get me wrong, he was very polite. Its just the whole rigmarole of selling a car that does me. It happens everytime! hey...thats my baby your talking about etc etc :)

Not sure what I want yet. I change my mind constantly. This morning I was on ebay looking at the under 1K bargains! I do such a short journey that I can't substantiate the car and keep thinking sensibly about what I should be doing with the money.

oh hell....shortlist so far....evo6/7/8, scooby sti, Audi ur quattro, M5...smart roadster, austin princess.....only joking....or am I?

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aye.. if always difficlut to sell !

100k varioram.. around the £25k mark depending on colour

anyway when I sold up my TT I had to give it a makeover...

so after fitting new car Mats, fixing of all the minor dents, replacing the wonky radio flap I had spent £225 but then car was perfect, a PPI that was done came up with zero faults ! and enabled me to sell up at my asking price quickly.....

so in view of that above it's prob' worth spending a few £'s to get the right price...

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i know what you mean - its the same when you trade a car in and the next week its on the forecourt for 2 g's more than they gave you. gits!

Just keep your confidence that its a good car - dont let them depress you. Best thing to do is after they have gone is go for a drive in the car, that should cheer you up.

All the best, mate.

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Austin Princes - very palatial !

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