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Great video here . Would like to do similar one, help needed


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14 Apr 2012

Just saw that video . I think it is just great. I fancy to do one myself in the same style as I go every year to the nurburgring. The drive with my friend on the 258 from Aachen to Nurburg is just fantastic.

I am not sure but I thing it was a Gopro . Wich camera is the best to use , and the best way to fix it . Concerning the making of the video is there any software available to cut /ad and put music on background ?

Thanks 8)
Apparently there is a R18 version involving Room 20 in a secluded hotel.

Those who went refuse to speak - "What happens on Skye, stays on Skye" :oops:
In 3D .......great!
I'm not sure what editing software Jackal used but I use Coral and Windows Movie Maker you can add music and do many things with both but Coral is better than the basic Windows Movie Maker.

Pete would of used the Gopro on his dash but I'd say there are other decent video cameras out there. I personally use my phone for dash view and 2 Kodak Playsports for external front and rear views.
I shot 99% of that with my GoPro.

However it has quite a wide angle and it doesn't show the true speed, but I wanted to also pick up the scenery. (Jackal speeded it up post-processing to give a better idea)

I shot it at a lower resolution than my GoPro could do, in order to keep the file sizes manageable. I shot at 720, as opposed to 1080.

Even so, I can watch the video on my 52" TV screen and it is fantastic. I could therefore do one days driving on one SD card. (32mb).

Biggest issue was batteries. I used three per day, they would last about 2.5 hours each, and I would recharge them overnight. Higher resolution also used more battery power, so, as in life, everything is a compromise.
Thank you . I better to get equiped .
Infrasilver , It seems we've been to same place ......... 8)
Damn ! can't attached pictures for some reason....
Probably DFS in Nottingham.

(I think they've got a sale on, only a few days left.)
LoL not DFS !!!! caroussel bend at the Green Hell !!
LoL not DFS !!!! caroussel bend at the Green Hell !!
That video is superb! Well done guys. :thumb:

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