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Great Idea - 911uk!


19 May 2002
Hi guys and gals

this is a wonderful idea - a 911 porsche european forum.

I often visit the american ones and its great to get general info, etc. but when it comes to details on products etc. we are left in the lirch.

I am in the process of purchasing my first 911, I am hoping to collect her next weekend from barcelona spain - you can read my story at www.my911.net - she is a 1988, 127k km with FPSH, two onwers and an Porsche inspection.

I would like to change the wheels to the more modern looking 964 ones - I am not going to reconstruct this mean machine, I promise - I am a purist too - but there are two things that I would like changed: the black wheels and the clumsy looking steering wheels.

Can anyone give me ideas or sowhere where I can source these two items in the UK or europe in general. I would particularly like ot know the price for the wheels as my dealer is going to make me an offer to change them himself and I need to have a base line to compare it to.

Well, best of luck and lets hope this forum will be bustling with energy come may 2003!


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Thanks for the support Elias!

To get this forum moving, don't forget to spread the word :wink:

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two comments:

1. Be careful about getting new wheels. Carrera wheel bearings are made to withstand the strain of 15" and 16" wheels, but if you get into 17" and 18" wheels you may get premature bearing wear because of the extra weight. Most of the cheaper after-market wheels are cast, not forged, and are a lot heavier than stock Porsche Fuchs wheels, which are forged. RUF wheels are very attractive, but very heavy. BBS has good, light, forged wheels, but a set of them costs >$3000 in the US. And make sure you get the right offset for the Carrera. Fuchs wheels are highly sought after in the US; if I were you, I would stay with them, and just get them refinished if they are scuffed and tatty.

Also be concerned about width. Front tire widths in excess of 215 mm will require fender lips to be rolled in. Rear fenders can take up to 245 wide tires without rubbing. Typically this means wheels of up to 7.5" wide in front and 8-9" in back. Anderson's book "911 Performance Handbook" has a table of wheel and tire sizes; Amazon.uk should have it.

2. A very attractive option for a new steering wheel is the three spoke 930 Turbo wheel. For a picture, go to

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Decolliber on 23 May 2002

Anderson's book "911 Performance Handbook" has a table of wheel and tire sizes; Amazon.uk should have it.
..or click the link on the homepage of
to take you straight to it :wink:

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Hi John and else

Thanks for your input - I had actually desisted of the idea of changing the wheels.

In fact it was my dealer himself who said the same - the Fuchs are highly sought after and they are in keeping with the originality of the car - i will keep them.

I was looking for a 911 specific Webring and could not find one, so I created one that I hope will be bussling with "strictly 911 material" in some months - if you have a site and would like to join, please come and visit:

The Legendary Porsche 911


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Im amazed it has taken so long for a Uk 911 site to come up. Just surfing today and looking at the US sites, and wishing there was a uk one and lo and behold.. 911uk. Wow. :)

Great idea and well done for setting this site up. I have just changed my order from a 911 c2 delivery November time (doh) to a new targa and delivery in July (yippy) cant wait

I will let you know how get on with my first Porsche.

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Congratulations for your site!

I just discover it in 911 & Porsche World. I hope to find here some good occasions to drive my 993 C4s on the British roads, and exchange experience with others 911 owners.I'm member of the belgian "Porsche Club Francorchamps", and let me tell you: our Porsche days on the Francorchamps track this year in june was a real success story ! What about seing you next year?

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Hi Toga,

I'd love to drive the Spa Francorchamps track ! I last visited the track (as spectator) in September 2000 after coming from the Italian (Monza) Grand Prix. I was informed by the Porsche Club Francorchamps about the track day in September which is one reason I went to the the track to watch the Porsche's. I believe the track day was the same day as the NSX championship. Unfortunately after a couple of hours I didn't get to see any Porsche's. Anyway,

1.) When will your next track day be..?2.) What will the time limits be on the the track and will the track be shared with other marques.?

Thank you in advance


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Hi Jay,

for us, next track day in Francorchamps is in september(27-28-29 ). And this will be shared with the NSX club . We have a rally this week-end, and I'll try to get more infos. Anyway here's the adress: http://www.porscheclubfrancorchamps.be/

Buy the way I visited your site...nice car you have !!! :lol:



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Thank you for your comments and the link to porscheclubfrancorchamps. Just been looking at the members cars.... very impressive!!! :D

Your track day in June, was this shared with another car club or did you have sole use of the track..?

Thanks again and have fun at your rally...



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Hi Jay,

in june, our track day was open to everyone who was previously registered after paying if I remember well something like 250 Euros per day. During three days, we had three categories running: discovery, experience and racing. I think all categories were full the three days, except the discovery one on sunday. This made around 70 cars running for 30 minutes several times a day in each category.In Francorchamps, 70 cars is really not too much. With the sun shinning all days, I tell you, it was great. I didn't drive myself this time. Well next year, I'll be running at least one day with wy 993/4S.



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Hi Toga,

Thanks again for the information. I will try and see if I can make September but definetly register for June 2003. Hopefully I will see you there with your 993/4S. Sounds like a great day out and what luck sunshine all day at Spa :wink:

Thanks again and have a good/safe weekend.


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