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GPS Signal 997.2


11 Jul 2008
It appears that the GPS signal is not picking up my location.
Other functions with the option button responding but the MAP is way out.
Any thoughts on why?
Navigation PCM 3
Either the GPS receiver in your PCM module has died, or there is a problem with the active antenna, or the cable connection between the two. The active GPS antenna is normally mounted under the scuttle trim. You would need to remove the wiper arms to remove the plastic trim to get to it.

You could swap the active antenna over at the cowling or plug a new cable and antenna into the rear of the PCM unit to try to diagnose the fault.

When I bought my 997 gen 1 many moons ago the sat nav had the same symptoms and I had to fit a new active antenna.

If you have had a windscreen replaced recently then that would be why !

GPS antenna is fitted to the scuttle panel above the pollen filter .. not uncommon for this to be forgotten about when this panel is removed and it ends up breaking the connection .

If this is the case then it's a new wiring loom and possibly an antenna as well .

The GPS can just fail but on my odds its about 1 to every 10 scuttle removals .

Easiest check is to look at or feel the blue plug on the antenna .. if loose then it needs replacing .
Great reply information as always.
Thank you :thumbs:

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