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Got one!!!


24 Apr 2013
After the long search settled or more like aspired to this beauty, cost more but worth the extra IMO from the private sales I was considering.
2007 '57 C4S 21K miles, one owner Sport Chrono, PSE, Active seats, Rear Park assist, Red Leather, rear wipe, Turbo alloys AND 2YRS OPC warranty.

Tried post pic but says its too big, how do I down size it??
Congratulations on your new car, I am sure you'll love every minute of driving it.

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 you can use the "resize" Tab in mspaint.

From the description it looks like you got one from an OPC - and good that you have a two year AUW (approved used warranty). Mileage?
See it is a manual in your signature - good. Let us have more info and piucs when you find out how to post them - if its any consoloation I still have not posted any piucs of my car because I've not worked out how to get them down to size - they are shot on a digital SLR and each is around a few MB in size (camera is 14 megapixel and I shoot at higher resolution than most people).
Try to "crop" the image using MS Paint (if you are using Windows). Save the file as JPG to try and compress it. I cannot recall the exact max size limit, but sure someone will come along and advise this very shortly...
Sweet, look forward to come pictures when you manage to sort them.

For info I usually host them somewhere like Photobucket and then just copy the links into my post. :thumb:
Use a third party site like Photobucket to post your photos and then just post the IMG link into your comments. That will show the photo without you having to edit anything.
If you're using XP - download Power-toys Image Resizer.

You can resize any image by right clicking it...
Try again with pic, Cheshire don't know where you get Manual from? Cos its Tip, IMO only way to go!


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Nice car.
You should have no problem with your in car mobile 'phone set up, especially with that aerial you have attached to your roof, nice mod.
Congrats! :thumb:
Very smart indeed Now go get some miles on board and enjoy the ride !
Very nice enjoy,good work :thumb:

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