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Got my very own 996


New member
17 Sep 2004
Finally, after a few months of looking, and years of wanting, got my own 911!

LHD, but hey, it allowed me to get a newer model, and I plan to do some driving in Europe as well, and for there it will be perfect.

2001 C2, Arctic Silver, 18" Turbo 1 - look alloys, Tiptronic S (I'll have to spend some time driving in London, I'm lazy, and with 300 bhp on tap, it is sporty enough), PSM.

Drove it down from Nottingham today, and it was awesome! It just goes, and goes.

Had it sourced by
from a Porsche dealer in Germany, and so far (knock on wood), service has been excellent, and the car comes with a 1-year Porsche warranty for the added peace of mind.

Nik :D

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Is it polite to ask what the price was.

Enjoy your new motor. :D

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Good on yer Nik - enjoy great car great choise!

2003 C2 Basalt Black with all the toppings : )

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Greg on 03 October 2004

Is it polite to ask what the price was.

Enjoy your new motor. :D
Thanks, and no problem in saying it:

Just under £31K for a 2001 LHD C2, 38500 miles, Tip S, PSM, PCM-1, 18" Turbo-1 alloys, chrome exhaust (not sports, just chrome :) ).


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