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Got my 1st Porsche on fri, a 993 - photos to follow! (long)

@993Type - turns out the oil leak was an oil filter! :bandit:
stevewak said:
993Type said:
In terms of tyres, switch ASAP at the cost of the next job if necessary.

Definitely. Everyone has their own favourite but I have Contis and am very pleased with them. The rears only lasted 5000 miles but are cheap.

I was amazed how quickly the Contis wear, mine were new all round in September '14 and are now more than half worn in 3.5k miles . . .! There must be sandpaper in the roads in Wales! :lol:
I'm now only changing the front two tyres as only those had signs of cracking...no wonder, they're Pilot Sport N2s from 2007 even though they still had 5.5mm tread.

On the advice of Steve @ Jaz I'm keeping the 2010 Pilot Sport N3s on the back, which still have 3.5mm tread and tomorrow getting new ones PS N3s for the front to match.
Props to Pete @ Langley Autocraft - I drove up there yesterday to get some bodywork quotes & Pete mentioned he had some spare windscreen outer seals and I could have one.....next minute he had fitted it to my car for no charge. How's that for service...i only popped in for a quote!

Might keep this thread going as a bit of a blog to document anything of interest to other 993 owners or prospective owners as bits and pieces get done...unless that's against the forum rules as thread title might become a bit misleading - mods? :dont know:

Don't expect much in terms of DIY as I'm not handy, although have ambition to start DIYing some of the easier things as time goes on so we'll see.

Dropped the car of at Jaz in St. Albans this morning for a few things that need doing. Met a nice chap with a genuine red 964 RS - he'd bought it in 1992 and used to rally it etc but such is its value now that he doesn't like to drive it much - 300 miles in the last year. Shame really. Here's what they're looking at:

1. Annoying rattle from engine bay area - could be a loose heat shield vibrating as I get a slight clanging noise from lower-left at the back of car when at low revs. Goes at higher revs. If not that, suspect it may be alternator bearing, even though brand new one was fitted when I bought the car at the start of the year. I've read on Rennlist that the Bosch ones can fail quite easily. Let's see what Jaz say...

2. As some of you know, the screw in my right rear light worked itself loose and the light cluster popped out on a country lane blast. By the time some kind gent behind me flashed me the corner of the plastic had been melted while hanging down over the right exhaust tip! The issue is the metal area the screw goes into is about to break off and moving around freely - not sure there's much in the way of thread left. Is this an easy fix? Feel a bit embarrassed to not be doing this one myself!

3. First oil leak since purchase. Small patch on garage floor - the right-side heat exchanger looks like it's got some oil on it. Awaiting Jaz diagnosis, hoping something quite straight forward :?:

4. One of the clips that holds the driver-side floor mat in place was damaged when I bought the car - it must have snapped of at some point. Getting new one so the matt doesn't move about

5. Handbrake effort - takes huge effort to engage the handbrake properly so that it actually holds the car in place on a hill. Hoping this can be sorted although some of you have told me many 993s have this problem and it's somewhat of a design fault :bandit:
Great thread :)

Ive just bought a 993 cab which im due to collect in about a weeks time.
Its nice to see that not many things have gone wrong and they are are generally very realiable, apart from the odd comman oil leaks!
Glad you are enjoying the 993 ownership.

Mine is iris blue also! such a lovely colour
Hi Ozzy, and welcome to 993 ownership! Are you keeping the Cayman for the track etc?

Be great to hear more about the car + some pics - how did you find the car (I've been keeping a close eye on the usual places over the last few months & haven't seen any iris cabs)

Best colour although I biased! If someone offered to swap for an artic silver 993 2S + a few grand in cash I'd oblige tho, ha :puh:

Is your plan to have the car for road trips / weekend country lane blasts? My only regrets not saving up more to get a coupe are:

a) cab only has lap belts in the rear & i'm desperate to get my 6 month old little girl for rides when she's big enough to be in a forward-facing baby seat. Will mean a visit to QuickfitSBS in Stanmore though, to get a 3 point seat belt fitted when the time comes. About to buy a Graco Nautilus 3-2-1 on ebay as a Rennlister fitted that in the back of their cab nicely because it has a very narrow base

b) track days - no roll bar and now being a dad means I'd rather not flip the car on a track day and that be the end of things :redangel: Having done a Cat driver trainging at Millbrook in the cab, I'm hungry for track days. Thinking of saving up for an early 3.4 996 coupe to be a track rat, keep the 993 for road use only

That said, if I'd have waited, prices have gone up so much that I'd still be saving. And the top down on a sunny day with Dansk-enhanced aircooled soundtrack behind your head is some compensation!
Thank you :)

The cayman is used as a daily driver, the pdk box is just awesome and so usable. The 993 will be used as more of a weekend car with a couple of europe trips planned for maybe next year! I have always wanted a 993 since i first saw one and the opportunity came up as a friend of a friend was looking to sell his so it just felt right!
Like you said the coupe is the more logical choice but i thought as the car will not be used everyday the idea of being able to drop the roof when the sun is shining just adds to the occasion!

How have you found the car since you have had it? Does it live up to the reputation?

Cant wait to go for some blasts with the rood down listening to that great air cooled howl!
Nice. Likewise, I used to oggle at an iris blue 993 (targa) on walk to school every day back in the 90s and dreamt of having one.

The car is way beyond my expectations, I've fallen head over heels! Was sold after about 5 seconds of initial test drive even just as a passenger tbh, soon as I heard the engine howl, smelt the cabin, and experienced the sensation of speed in these cars i was sold. Caveat - the only other 911 I had driven was a 991 carrera s. The 993 has so much more character and actually 'feels' faster to me because of the ride height, noise, lack of refinement compared to 991. Previous to the 993 I was driving an E46 330i slush box saloon so not much to compare there but suffice to say driving that now feels like sitting way too high up in a cumbersome slow tank.

Must say at the moment I drive more with the top up than down - combination of bad weather and laziness at putting on the tonneau cover to protect the hood on, as I don't think the previous owner ever used it...I think the headliner is starting to sag a bit because of this, it flaps around a bit at speed. Jaz also going to fix this today hopefully.

You'll love it. :thumb:
Sounds like its really gotten under your skin! Good to hear you are enjoying it :)

Unfortunately my car does not have the tonneau cover, must have been lost at some point. I am contemplating getting one for reasons like you have mentioned about it not doing the roof much good when its down. Just another thing to add to the list of bits to get for the car! Bigger oval pipes are on that list too as are a newer stereo unit! :thumbs:
Hi Badlands - I'd be keen to hear how you end up fixing a baby seat in the back of your cabrio as I have one too and am equally desperate to get my 8-month-old in the car!!!
Hi Shakter,

Here's the image of a Rennlister using a Graco Nautilus in their 993 cab that I'm basing this plan on! The car seat's on its way so I'll soon find out whether it even fits before contacting SBS for seatbelt install (or not)......but the image below does look promising. If not then :frustrated:

Car's back from the garage - some interesting eye candy including this 996 GT3 RS (my cheapo ride in the background) and what looks like a 993 targa widebody conversion?


Turns out the noise from the engine bay was the alternator bearing shaft - sub £100 part and 2 hrs labour to fix. Much happier with handbreak now too.

Shame the weather's so bad today...still tempted to take the car out though. :bandit:

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