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Gen 2 turbo a bit smokey.


New member
14 Dec 2021
Hi everyone, just bought my 1st 997 gen 2 turbo on a 2010
plate, mileage is 75000, service history porche and specialist.
Car on start up smokes a little then Clears, drive car for say 20 minutes then turn engine off, start up again 30 minutes latter and it smokes again.
Bought car from dealer, car had a seized actuator, few other
bits hot sorted car now boosts as it should.
Had a post inspection done buy my local porche specialist in Southampton, they said car on start up not uncommon to smoke a bit then clear ,so when I start stop weather long or short journeys it still smokes a bit.
Iam struggling to get past this as had loads of high power rs6s not one of them smoked like this.
Any thought on this would be much appreciated, going back to dealer tomorrow for a few things.
Kind regards john.
The gen 2 do let out some black grey haze of smoke under hard acceleration watching them on track. I think maybe its a feature of DFI engine as the tail pipes always covered in this horrible black soot once you do a few miles. The ones I watched were fairly new at the time so doubt anything wrong :wink:
IMI A said:
The gen 2 do let out some black grey haze of smoke under hard acceleration watching them on track. I think maybe its a feature of DFI engine as the tail pipes always covered in this horrible black soot once you do a few miles. The ones I watched were fairly new at the time so doubt anything wrong :wink:

Exactly this, if it is black/ grey smoke on hard accelerating it is normal. Look at the ES Motor UK youtube page and they had a low miles 997.2 Turbo on their dyno last week and you will see it pushes out a lot of dark smoke on WOT. 991 turbos do it as well. Obviously if you are getting blue smoke or you are using a lot of oil you need it checked out :thumb:

Congrats on the car and welcome to the forum BTW.
RS6 is a V shaped engine , Porsche engines like yours are a flat engine ( horizontal ) and as such oil can get into the combustion chamber hence a small bit of smoking on startup is indeed normal ... upright or V engines and this doesn't happen .

You have had it inspected and it seems they dont feel its an issue but if you can post a video of it on startup then people here can comment on it .

Videos here are normally done via youtube so if you don't have an account you are welcome to email me the video and i'll post it and add the link here ..

PM me if so and i'll send you my email address .
Hi guys thanks for your replys, dropped off car at dealer to day for a couple of bulbs replacements and corride brake line, high pressure fuel pump cover.
Got a phone call from them 20 minutes later saying when they went to start car it was not fireing on all cylinders, so they will
do a plug change and coil pack change.
Probably will not get car back till next week I will update next week.
Interesting .. a tester would say which cylinder is misfiring so at best only that cylinder needs a coil / plug to see if its that .. all 6 are not needed .. the coils on these do not corrode like 996 ones .

Previous check didn't mention a misfire ..

It's also pretty obvious if its misfiring .. juddering on idle kinda gives it away .

Keep us updated please .. i'm now following this thread :)
Hi deMort, when i had the post inspection, the said idle was a bit lumpy.
Car had been not started for 3 days when i started it it was not fireing on all cylinders ran for about 2 minutes turned i off restarted it and it cleared then drove about 30 miles to dealer.
Car boosted fine while driveing there, then i got the call about miss fireing, dealer said plugs need doing as service book showed the had been done at 35000 miles car on 75000 miles, as all plugs were going to be done so i said do coils as preventative maintenance.
Aghh ok .. that makes more sense thank you .

Just an FYI though .. a misfire won't cause smoking .. if bad enough the car shuts down the injector so no fuel .

You have a poor spark or what we call rough running .. its working but not to the correct amount compared to the other cylinders basically .

Rough running and old plugs .. yup .. certainly worth changing them .. all coils .. not really needed on these as they dont have corrosion issues like the earlier variants but i can understand why people like all 6 replaced .

Hi everybody just an update on the smoky Porsche!
I had further problems when collecting the car from having the coil packs and plugs done by the dealer. The oil light came on about 15 miles from the dealer and on checking the level when I get home it was below minimum. We'd only done about 120 miles all told.
We put in .4l initially as per service book recommendations: still below minimum. Another .2l raised it up to minimum but while it was idling the engine check and PSM check light came on. I plugged in my code reader which read cyl 4 misfire (when it was at the dealers it was cyl 3).
At that point I turned the engine off and walked away!
We decided over the weekend to reject the car.
When I phoned them on Monday I spoke to one of the directors who promised to get back to me 'late afternoon'. We emailed to confirm but only after phoning again to chase did we get an email confirming they would accept the car back and would make arrangements 'ASAP'.
We phoned again on Tuesday lunchtime to chase, again no-one could speak to us but promised an answer soon. We finally got an email mid afternoon saying they'd collect the next day but still didn't confirm what they were refunding (e.g. screen price or get our part ex car back + monies paid). We finally got this confirmed late Tuesday evening.
They collected the car on Wednesday lunchtime but wouldn't refund us on the spot. We eventually got half on Wednesday night and half on Thursday morning. We got no apologies, only that they were disappointed we were returning the car.
For info the car registration was YE10OCO and we bought from Dorset Sports Cars. Their service was very good up until the point we rejected the car when they became much less responsive than we expected.
Many thanks to Demort on this forum who gave me lots of advice and help including recommending a bore scope (following the loss of so much oil) but as Dorset Cars accepted our rejection I didn't need to do this.
So our Porsche ownership was short lived! But never say never...
Whilst it was great to have a chat my heart sank as you gave me more and more info .. the video evidence would to me have indicated it was ok ..

You explaining things and it soon looked like there was an issue .

I am very glad you got a full refund though as i was already leaning towards what you would need to do to enable this so that's a result .

I'm also so sorry this had to happen , it is rare but it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth .

You know where to find me should you wish to look for another Porsche .

Good Hunting .
So sorry to hear ! Glad you got the money back.
All the very best in finding another one :thumb:
I echo the sentiment on getting your money back, it can't be easy for an indie to do this, but with a car like this surely they should of done their own due diligence :?
I would like to interject on behalf of the dealer .. they may well have been unaware ..

I looked at the video and thought .. yup that's pretty normal .. some oil but also condensation there .

dealers dont off hand just do a borescope test on these .. perhaps they should but if no obvious issues then i expect not .

My concern here .. the plugs were changed .. if there was a bore score issue then it would have been obvious on the plugs ..

Me and my colleagues don't really need to scope a car .. we just look at the plugs and its obvious .

Literally i and my colleague did one each on friday .. he took out no. 6 went yup .. put it back in and we didn't charge the customer ..

I did a full scope as it's going to be repaired but new straight away with no. 6 out .. it had scoring .

I'm well aware there are unscrupulous dealers out there .. but i'm not one for naming and shaming when they may well have not known in the first place .

I as always try to stick up for my trade even if at times it doesn't seem warranted .

The OP and i have nothing but sympathy for but he has been refunded which does lead to the fact the dealer is pretty honest .

OP can post what he wishes .. these are my thoughts though .

This car has not yet been confirmed as having bore score as well .. it's possible there is another reason .
I purchased my car from Dorset Sports cars. They were selling it on behalf of a private owner on commision basis, which was all transparent. I had no problem with them, I was a Porsche newbie and they treated me with respect and it gave me the confidence to buy from them. I felt they were decent people and it turns out they are. It would be interesting to know if the car was owned by them or a third party.

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