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Gen 2 not intended as a scare story and is just my Car

MANY thanks for the master-class Baz, I learned a lot from that post...

The last single cylinder m/c engine I had hands on with was a cooking 350 BSA and that was a while ago, though the one before that was a tad more noteworthy a 500cc Velocette Thruxton on which I had the pleasure of embedding a valve in the piston wrecking the head in the process... Duh! Those two strokes triples when they appeared wiped the floor with the likes of the Manx Norton and other dinosaurs that we just did not want to consign to life with the spit and polish brigade...But then that is the way evolution works is it not... (-: I still miss the smell of Castrol R in the morning...(-:

My memory was never good and far less so now, though I think I either saw a film, or screen shots of an x-ray process(?) carried out on an engine into which isotopes(?) were fed into the fuel air mix to monitor the value or not of altering the shape and finish of the inlet and exhaust tracts.... All seemed very scientific at the time and well out of my league, but interesting just the same... All around the time when polishing engine internals was the major pastime, while our American cousins were chrome plating the exterior of everything .... :)

Engineering has advanced amazingly, though I am pleased to have enjoyed life over many year in what seems like simpler times.. :?:
This has turned into a great thread. I really do appreciate the input and discussion. It makes me feel better, especially since I work for a large engine maker (as in, a maker of very large engines) where we spend a great deal of time in diagnosing the issues and RCA on the technical side.
Phil 997, apologies if my input may have taken the discussion off topic a tad... I will cease and desist.

911TEL seems to have enjoyed some of the exchanges too MaxA . As for BIG engines I suspect everything maybe relative..(-: A play on that which the Oz crocodile bod said in the film... I think you need a bigger engine... pic attached... (-:

Think this one of the last Clyde built engines went to Korea... changed days... :sad:


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