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Gemballa Cayenne


10 Nov 2012
Anyone know what gemballa actually does to these cars to achieve 550/650/750BHP ive been searching everywhere for spec and prices, with no luck :? .
One would expect this info to be available considering the high price of gemballa upgrades.
any links or info anyone?
Thank you.
I'd say drop them an e-mail....but they've long since gone bust...
Gemballa cayenne

I dont think they have gone 'bust' as you put it, as they had a very big presence at the 2013 Geneva motorshow with some very tasty offerings such as the Cayenne Tornado and the Gemballa 12C GT Spider, which is based on the McLaren MP4-12C Spider..
Unless you know different?
But finding detailed spec on upgrades is like finding hens teeth :D
Anybody any links etc.?
thank you
I do apologise...I meant 9ff...sorry Bud. :roll:
Not to mix my farm animals, but forget the hens and talk to the horse - call/email them and you'll get your answers. Be sure to let us know too...
Am I the only one that actually Emailed them today?

Gemballa said:
Clarkycat said:
Dear Gemballa, I don't know if you guys have the internet, but some of us guys on an internet Porsche forum were wondering how you made the Cayenne 750bhp and all that, if it's not too much trouble.

Cheers, Clarkycat,

Papley on the Wold, Oxon

Dear Clarkycat,
No, that's fine, it's very simple really, if you have a good look at the rear of what we call the 'Whittle Cay', you will see the tailgate is permanently fixed open on struts like them old Fiats and that. That's because we have binned the rear seats and strapped one of those Pratt & Whitney Turbofans from an old F15 fighter in there, this makes it well fast. Also we offer various options for the now redundant space under the bonnet (where the engine was), some folk have used it for luggage, one customer had a hot tub full of midgets installed. Hope this answers your questions.

All the guys at Gemballa.

PS, What's the 'internet'?
Hope to get a more technically detailed reply than that, surely all that water in a hot tub at the front would slow it down?? :floor:

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