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Gearbox pressurised?


11 Nov 2019
Slightly odd one. Reverse light had stopped working, bulbs all good so bought a new reverse light switch for the gearbox. Reverse lights now working again, but when I undid the old switch from the gearbox casing there was a definite hiss of air escaping from the box.

Is it possible the breather has failed somehow and would this cause the internal volume to pressurise? I can't see this being normal and obviously keen to not blow out a seal.
Didn't know they had a breather :dont know:

I would've thought they are reasonable air tight as the oil stinks if its quite old and doesn't 'arf wiff when drained.
There is a breather up there I'll see if I can give it a wobble. Might have bashed it fitting the box I suppose.
infrasilver said:
Just looked for the part number for the "bleeder" as it is called 99630107100, £4.20 ish, I have never removed mine so I'm not sure how it comes out

Thanks, it does as you say look a total arse to get to.... Will report back.
The breather is pressed in and located way on top of the gearbox. Could be impossible to change in situ.
Let me know if anybody wants a photo of it.

Thanks for the offer mistercorn - if you could have a poke at it to see if it's possible for it to become jammed I would be grateful!

From memory it's just a loose plastic cap in a hole...

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