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G50 Gearbox


New member
30 Sep 2004
Is it possible to recognise the G50 gearbox from a picture!?

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I believe the central rear reflector contains the fogs lights on a g50 car. Not sure if thats 100% accurate though.


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G50 is five speed. You can check change over points and car specifications by buying the Porsche Red Book that give chapter and verse on models by year and changes including all chassis and engine numbers. Sorry I don't have it to hand at work. Oops!

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Thanks for those replies. I was just wondering if the G50 looks different than the 915 so from a simple photo I can tell - you know rather than ring the owner and ask.

I have read somewhere that the position of reverse on a G50 is beside first gear while on the 915 its below 5th. So I'll know when I get to to examine a car.


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G50 or 915.

From the rear the reflector panel has built in fog lights, whereas the 915 car (if original) will have a fog light hanginfg from the underside of the bumper.

On the inside reverse is beside first for the G50, reverse under fith for the 915.

G50 will be 87 build year so you will begin to find them registered sept 86 on.

Dont be froghtened by the 915......if........it is working fine.

Adrian Crawford.

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Do get the Red Book or other Porsche bibles as the information they contain will answer your questions and alert you to problems if, for isntance, the VIN and engine numbers don't tie up. Another tip it to look for the factury code label under the luggae compartment lid. If it isn't there, the front end may have had work. This isn't a problem in itself as most cars that age will have but it would be more of an issue if there is no record of it.

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Where can I buy the Porsche Red Book?

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Thanks folks, bought a couple of books to fry my brain some more - you know being a complete novice I'm almost frightened of what kind of messy car I'll end up with. I'm not the luckiest of people so my dream car will probably turn out to be just one more nightmare!

Ok, I know I should get a specialist to check it out but I'm in Ireland and its not so easy. Also, Adrian, you say that any decent owner will be only too keen to talk about his/her car but I haven't found that at all here - seems because the market is so small there aren't so many 'enthusiasts'. But even the garages and service people don't give the vibes you would insist on. Like, the two contacts I have made either: never replied to me or gave a one line say 'its a great car first to see will buy'!!! Like, you say, Adrian, to run away from anyone selling a car who is not will to give chapter and verse about it but what can you do when the choice is limited!?

I have one more question but I'll post it separately.

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