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Fumes smell from vents when coming to a stop


New member
28 Oct 2021
I am hoping someone can help as this problem is spoiling my enjoyment of the car.

When I come to a stop, there is a strong fumes smell for a few seconds, I am unsure if it is petrol or exhaust fumes, but my understanding is that the air intake is at the front of the car.

With cabin air recycling turned on, the issue doesn't present itself, so it leads me to believe it is being drawn through the fresh air intake.

I have had the air quality sensor replaced, but this hasn't solved the issue.

The OPC state they cannot replicate the issue, but every time I have a passenger they comment on the issue.

I have found several posts in forums from people with a similar issue, but have been unable to find someone who has resolved the issue.

This is what I have worked out so far:

- Problem occurs when travelling at speed and coming to a complete stop.
- Fumes enter the car for a few seconds (they are quite strong) and then disperse.
- The fans need to be on/blowing, but the problem occurs with the a/c on or off.
- The problem doesn't occur when the car is recycling the air.

Many thanks for reading my post.[/list]
There do seem to be quite a few reports of this. Some relating the smell coming from either a failed fuel filler seal or possibly the overfill pipe not exiting to the ground as it should. Doesn't really explain why you would only notice it when coming to a stop though.

Seems like it's either exhaust/engine fumes 'catching up' with the front end when you stop or a fuel tank issue :dont know:
I experienced a similar fuel smell problem on my old 997, a new fuel filler cap/gasket solved it.

Personally, I would start by replacing the cap and making sure the fuel filler drain is not blocked, mine was blocked on my 991. Just pour some water into the opening, it should drain freely / quickly. The pipe runs all the way down the wing and exits behind the front wheel arch cover, near the sill. I used an air line to blow out the all the crud.

If these don't work, then at least you can rule them out and they are very simple / cheap DIY tasks.

Hope you get it sorted :thumb:
it might be worth removing the airfilter on the inlet under the front bonnet and seeing if there is something obvious allowing fumes in -does that area smell?

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