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Fuchs Porsche Brokers


14 Jun 2006
Does anyobdy have any experience of this outfit? I did a search but I dont think fuchs, porsche and broker are ideal in terms of a search!
They seem to have some rather nice LHD cars for sale. I'm looking at the two 964's they have (a C2 and C4) and also considering stretching to a varioram 993 if it's good enough.
Problem is their cars seem to sit around for a while, which suggest to me there may be something wrong with them.


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I came close to buying from 'them'. In reality they were of course acting as a broker for a seller. Car was in London so they put me in touch directly with him.

Unfortunately it didnt work out, we agreed a price (Fuchs had over valued it by 10%) but when the seller went back to Fuchs they still demanded there % of the original advertised price, which the seller couldnt afford at the price we agreed :evil:

Seller didnt want to break the contract with Fuchs so the deal fell thru, shame really it was a very nice Riviera Blue 993 coupe (quite rare)

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So they don't hold any stock themselves then. I'd rather just buy from a private seller direct if it's that sort of deal and cut out the middleman. I can never understand how an outfit like this makes any money.

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I dont know if they hold stock or not, just in the case of the one I looked at it was a brokering agreement.

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My Buying advice.

If it aint what you want,don't buy it, in other words never move the goal posts.

Decide what you want and stick to it don't compromise!

Even if it takes a while.

Check seller out as best you can.If not private sale. If its a business check out previous sales comments if they have them.

Buy private if you can with a pre Porsche inspection.Always cheaper no mark up on car.

Although no warranty but sometimes not worth a dam anyways!!!!

Thats my input.I love my cars.

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