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Front Suspension rattle


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16 Jul 2013

Any advice on possible next steps to try and resolve an annoying rattle I can hear on the front drivers side suspension.

The hollow rattle/thud is only when the suspension is going up/down, not when I'm turning.

So far I've had new droplinks, new top mounts, new Anti Roll Bar D bushes.

I've had the control arms ( the fork things) moved from left to right

I've read that coffin arms squeal/creak rather than rattle so not looked to replace those yet.

Any other ideas or suggestions on how to pinpoint it?

shock absorbers?
Since it only rattles at low speed and it appears silent at motorways speeds I'd put this further down the probability list, the car drives great until i hit a bad patch of road on the drivers side.

For what its worth at my last OPC healthcheck there was no mention of any problem with the shock and I did mention my rattle.

Will a busted shock create this kind of rattle?
Not sure...I have a creaking sound on the front right drivers side suspension. The OPC has replaced every part of the front suspension and the creaking still occurs when I go over a speed bump at slow speed while the wheel is turned.
Well thats even more annoying if they've already changed all your parts.

Since I dont have warranty i'm trying to work through cheapest and most probable causes. :)
slackster said:
The hollow rattle/thud is only when the suspension is going up/down, not when I'm turning.

I occasionally have similar on my 996 C2. Recently it has: both coffin arms, both forked arms, OSF wheel bearing, top mounts, top mount bearings, arb droplinks.

The only things left are shocks, track rod ends and steering rack.....
Does anyone know if you can move PASM shocks from left to right sides?

If that pinpoints the fault and the rattle goes to the off side then I can buy a new one
I don't know the answer without looking, but if you have a look in the PET and check if the part numbers are the same, this should give you the answer.
Its probably the strut, common problem on GT cars.
Sorry for late response but yes you can swap PASM struts from side to side - they are not handed. Good luck finding the rattle - on mine it was the top mount where the rust (yes rust!) was forcing the rubber bushing off one side. Note though that PASM shocks do deteriorate and I can highly recommend upgrade to B6s. I got mine cheaper than B4s from Europe and they are fab.

I had a rattle thats sound much like yours.

Left it, then my spring broke. Whilst getting the spring dealt with, discovered shocks were in need of replacing.

Had the lot done, rattle gone, peace restored.

Before all this, I had it in a couple of different garages for different things, they had looked and could find nothing.

Not sure if this helps.
On one of my previous cars, low speed knock was caused by a missing caliper bolt! Well, the knock was the caliper on the disc, but you get my meaning. Needless to say i went ballistic at the garage who'd serviced the car the week previously, gleefully telling me my pads needed changing..
Question for GregR1

Hi, just checking the calliper issue - did it go away when you applied the brake? My 996 develops an annoying rattle, definitely front end, that only develops after 30 minutes of driving - and noticeable at low speeds. When I apply light pressure to the brake pedal it tends to stop. The Porsche specialist can't find anything wrong...

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