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Fresh MOT done

Surely there must be regs for those stripes :dont know:
One of the most amazing things to me about living in the US is the lax regulations regarding road worthiness. I live in a state where there are no smog, MOT or any other restrictions. I could remove my cats, turn up at my local DMV (Dept Motor Vehicles) and renew my registration each year with NO inspection at all.

Some states like California are much more strict, though I regularly see Hillbillee's riding around in rusted out DEATH TRAPS with out a care in the world.

BTW - no cats or 'mufflers' sound fantastic :thumb:
Is it a pearl one?

and you, err

you mean sailed.

Sailors do love a pearl necklace.

Next it'll be goatees.

Or jizz bibs
as they are otherwise known.

Tooodle oooh.
Goose said:
GT4 said:
Surely there must be regs for those stripes :dont know:

This calls for at least an advisory I would say :cop:

Dont knock it!! :hand:

clinchy993 said:
Good to go she sailed through 8) only did 2100 since last one :?
Same here, although I only managed 897 miles since the last one :oops:

Still had a 12k service though :thumb:
Shhhhh all of those 993s are sleeping MINE IS NOT :floor:

OC @ £25 for a MOT they could do it kerbside I dont care :thumb:

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