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Formulae Fuchs


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26 Nov 2002
An expat friend of mine here is gagging for a 911. We talked about budgets and at 20k-25k thought about LHD 993. I checked a few of the independants and the above name came up with a 1994 coupe in black/58k miles for 23,950. Does anyone out there have any experiences with these guys?

Also they have a two owner C4s 993, which had a new engine fitted after 65k, albeit main dealer job etc etc. Would anyone look at this? seems strange that a new engine would be needed after 65k.

Also does anyone have experience of RSJ Sports car? they have a cab that he might be interested in.


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Do a quick search on this site for Formula Fuchs - there has been some chat about them before. I have been up to see them and they seem OK, although I got the impression that they don't do much remedial work to the cars they sell but rather just give them a good clean. I would buy from them if I found the right car but I would go through it with a fine tooth combe, get them to fix the problems and then be very careful to make sure the fixes had been done. Someone was collecting a car when I was there and he found that none of the work that had been agreed had actually been done. Caveat emptor as usual.

A new engine could be seen as a good thing although again you would want to be wary. Worth a look though.

Re RSJ - I have never seen them but have heard good things. Again, I think someone has already posted something here about them so a search might bring back some more info.

Cheers, James

PS I will be going up to near Formula Fuchs in a few weeks time. In case you are not local to them, if you are still interested in any cars there let me know (Private Messenger) and I will check them out

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re formula fuchs

although i was looking for a very different car , a an older 911 from 70/71 ......i found fuchs a tad unhelpful and more interested in selling me a 912 which they claimed was as good a driving experience.....in my travels to find a car and talking to over 10 private sellers who had thier cars from fuchs, most had a bad word or two to say and like james mentioned turned up to find work not done or not done to spec quoted....guess youll have to go there.....

in complete reverse to this i found myslef at tower porsche to look at a private car for sale there , that they were storing and they actually have been great.......i had an inspection done and they quoted for the work to put right all that the inspection threw up....i then had this work checked and it was all up to scratch and well priced

because this car has an engine swap they even recommneded an Insurance broker who would cover the car , modified , and was cheaper than all my other quotes !!

probably not entirely relevant to your hunt but thought i'd mention it for everyone else !!!

i am collecting my first 911, a 1971 2.4 TE coupe, in a week and cant wait.....!

good luck with your search


good luck

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Thanks for that chaps

James, given that my colleague and I both work in London, I've told him to go have a look at RSJ and see what he thinks of them and the car(s). Also thanks for the offer of popping by there. I'll let you know if my colleague is still interested in checkin it out.

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