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Forcing 993 powered seat forward

Matthew Clunk

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3 Oct 2005
I'm still having a nightmare with my passenger seat. Tried 2x new flexible drive shafts (drive for for/aft adjustment on rails) seat just stationary still (switch and motor fine as spin freely both ways when drive shafts removed).

I would really like to get the seat out and clean/inspect the rails but I can't because the I need to slide it forward on the rails to get to the rear allen bolts.

Can anyone recommend a way of moving the seat on the rails without power assistance, is there any way to release the mechanism or push them forward from behind?.

I'm so frustrated with it now I've booked it into an OPC on Kent - but they said over the phone "phweeeee, we'll have a look but it will be at least 2 hours labour mate" - great, after just parting with £70 for a pair of drive shafts the saga goes on.


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I'm afraid I can't shed any light on how to remove the seat Matt, but one thing is for sure - don't bother with the OPC. So many of them are only used to 996 and later cars now that you'll be paying a huge labour rate for a 993 naive techie to try his hand at sorting this.

You're be alot better off going to an independant - plenty around London, which is a bit of trek I know, but still kinder on the wallet. I don't know of any indies in Kent?

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La Rose indie is in Kent............

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