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For Sale Porsche 911 C2 996 X51 (345bhp) 2002 Manual MO30


15 Nov 2014
I have been the proud owner of this truly rare specification Porsche for the last 4 years, and as you can see from below I am an enthusiast, and have brought this car up to top condition with no expense spared.

Video here https://youtu.be/yAp1JvTQCjY


Full service history (last serviced Porsche Centre Wilmslow at 85,002 miles on 15/08/2018).

Current mileage 86,100
All critical parts replaced within the last 10,000 miles; IMS, RMS, Clutch, Suspension.

This car is fitted with X51 (power pack), MO30 Sports Suspension, 6 speed manual with short shift, sunroof delete, Sports hard back seats, Bose Stereo, Lightronic HID lights. The only other cars to have a similar spec to this were the 40th Anniversary edition (but only available in silver)

The 996 X51 has an historical importance and pure engineering at its heart.
For two years this was the most powerful 4 seat or 4WD model (the Turbo had yet to be released).

Significantly, it is not just power output upgrades, having both additional cooling (centre radiator) and lubrication upgrades (high-G sump baffles, additional pump and oil lines).

Those two options are almost worth the entry ticket alone: as the 996 cylinder failures almost always involve the overheating and under lubrication of cylinder number 6, these modifications go someway to mitigating the seizures.

The X51 was almost certainly only given an additional 20 BHP for "political" reasons - the much more expensive GT3 996.1 3.6 M96/76 only developed 360 BHP.

In 2000 the X51PowerKit cost £8,725 from the factory (therefore it is estimated there were only between 1% to 2% of cars that were fitted as an option).

The X51 included:
- Modified oil pan partition box (larger alloy baffles with aperture valving replaces small plastic baffles)
- Uprated exhaust gasket for larger exhaust ducts
- Adapted exhaust manifolds with larger cross-section and optimized flow behaviour
- Alternative suction line on AC compressor (modified for space reasons)
- Optimized inlet and exhaust ducts (machined and polished)
- Sand cast aluminum modified intake system (replacing plastic version on standard cars)
- Revised cylinder heads
- Modified valves (including profile and longer shaft)
- Larger lift camshaft
- Additional dual chamber oil extraction pump
- Additional oil extraction pipe (to service cylinders 4-6)
- Additional third radiator
- Alternate Tri-metallic catalytic converter
- New shields for new oil suction pipe
- New underside panel in transmission area
- Modified fuel maps for DME (rev limit raised by 200 rpm)

All this resulting in a much more interesting drive, being free revving and faster accelerating than then standard models.

Power: 345 PS @ 6,800 rpm (corresponding to 268 lbft)
Torque: 274 lbft @ 5,000 - 6,000 rpm
Idle speed: 670 rpm
Rev limit: 7,300 rpm
Top Speed: 181 mph (290 kph)
Acceleration: 4.6s 0-60 mph (4.9s 0-100 kph)

As per Autocar Road Test 19/26 December 2001, here are the results for the X51 C2 Manual:
0-30 = 1.6
0-40 = 2.5
0-50 = 3.5
0-60 = 4.6
0-70 = 5.5
0-80 = 7.0
0-90 = 8.2
0-100 = 10.1

MO30 Sports Suspension:
- Drops UK spec cars ride height by 10mm, with shorter, stiffer front & rear springs.
- Re-valved Bilstein shock absorbers to give improved compression and rebound
- Stronger front & rear anti roll bars

Sunroof Delete:
It was standard for cars to have a sunroof fitted, the original owner wisely chose to specify without, thus reducing weight and improving the center of gravity, plus avoiding leaks and creaks that are common now on these vintage cars.

Sports seats and Interior upgrades:
The winged hard back sports seats are in great condition, they provide extra lateral support and adds to the cars sporting pose.
Also fitted are the extended leather option, alcantara roof lining, original Porsche fitted stainless steel door entry guards.
During my ownership in the past four years I have had the following replaced:
IMS (piece of mind, important but expensive)
RMS (no oil leaks)
Coil Packs
OAS (Oil Air Separator)
Low Temp Thermostat (these ensure best future condition for your engine)
Coffin Arms all round & front springs
Stainless Sport Exhaust (sounds great, check the video out)
Rear Brembo brake disks & pads, rear brake caliper (all just fitted in last 20 miles)
Front end paint (removal of stone chips)
Wheel refurbishment
Aircon condensers replaced and system lubricated and refilled (aircon is fridge cold)
Replacement screen for infotaintment system (this is the original Porsche with Sat Nav)
Engine mounts
Gear knob (previous one had some scratches)
Ceramic paint coating

I will be sad to see this car go, and I am in two minds if I should hang on to it due to their increase in value, but I have recently got interested in Land Rovers and really need the garage space.

Call Matt 07714 521119


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What a lovely looking car, good luck with the sale.

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