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New member
9 Jul 2004
Hi everyone

Help and advice needed.

The alarm in my 996 has been going off intermitently for the last couple of weeks ,with no dire consequinces. I drive the car once a week and was going to get it looked at .

Today I tried to start the car and the battery was completely flat. This I could still live with as I knew the alarm system caused the fault.

FRUSTRATION :I cannot open the front or rear lids as these are deadlocked. The battery is completely dead - i cant remove the battery and I cant jumpstart the car.

Is this normal ? Am I an idiot? What do I do? Please Help.

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You're not an idiot, the boot lids use an electronic solenoid which won't work when the battery goes flat. There's some instructions in the owners manual about what do do when this happens, I can't remember what they say off hand though.

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depends what year the 996 is , the earlier ones have an emergency cable in the left wheel arch near the headlight, the later ones is on the right handside , or if electric put a feed to the pullout red post in the fuse box and then operate switch

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if its a facelift you can release the lid via the fuse box and jump leads

if its a pre facelift, if your lucky its easy if not its a night mare

you need to feed a small screw driver between the front lever and the rear at an angle of 45 % towards the front of the car, i.e the handle of the screw driver is pointing to the rear of the car, the tip towards the front

you need to flick the catch towards the centre of the car that the central locking uses to isolate the boot levers,

if you look carefully yoiu can see the catch,

OR use a trickle charger via the cigarette lighter

sometimes its taken me 5 minutes sometimes 45,

if the cars underwarranty porsche i think will comeout and start you

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Same happened to me, but the RAC sorted it under 'homestart' They located a steel stranded cable which was located behind the nearside rear light unit [teased it out between the gap]. When pulled, this released the bonnet catch, and allowed the battery to be re-energised.

I have since had similar problems, as a result of a failed alarm ecu unit. Car had to go to OPC on trailer for new unit, £600 quider.

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Don't forget to turn around rub your head whilst patting your stomach and whilstling dixy :hehe:

Sorry :humble:

What do TVR owners do with those handle less doors?

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Their courtesy cars should have door handles, which is really all that matters.

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